Ask LB!

I would love to help you sort out the thoughts in your head. I kind of want to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. We all need someone to talk to about what may be going on in our lives.

I am focused on helping people in some capacity; we will see where life takes me. I would be interested in giving advice on anything, relationships, love, dating and most of all — life.

Jump right in and try me!

I will post your question anonymously.

Keep positive thoughts in your minds and love in your hearts — LB


  1. I’ve been seeing a straight therapist for six years and often wonder how the course of therapy would have unfolded had I chosen to see an lgbt therapist. I think it’s important for therapists of lgbt clients to either be gay themselves or to respect the unique challenges faced by lgbt people. When you grow up gay, for instance, it effects your identity/social development.. at least it did for me. I’m 26 and would say I’m still in an adolescent stage when it comes to dating because I didn’t come out until a couple years ago.


    1. I think it is nice to have an LGBT therapist. I would want someone who can relate a bit more. I would still use a straight therapist though, if I felt a connection. I intend on seeing both straight and gay patients. I would rather work with women though.


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