Les Brookynite

I am a Brooklynite and  I am pretty proud of that fact. Well, on most days. Where else would I want to be from? New York is great for some things and parking is definitely not one of them. We will explore the good and the bad of what my city has to offer.

I love the ladies and the ladies love me. There is no going back now!

I am a Mommy! I am learning new things all the time; I teach them and they teach me all sorts of wonderful things. This is definitely a journey guys! For all of you without kids — feel free to live vicariously through me.

I plan on using this blog to talk about things that are going on with me and around me. I like to talk about LGBT stuff, Black stuff, Brooklyn Stuff, NY stuff, Kid stuff, Mom stuff, Relationship stuff, Gossip, Politic and News.

I will write about what ever is running through my mind. 

Always feel free to give me ideas and words of encouragement are nice as well.

To all my lady lovers out there…How You Doin? (Wendy Voice)



Les Brooklynite (Facebook)

@LesBrooklynite (Twitter)


Feel free to add me or contact me.

Beware: I do not ONLY talk about lesbianism. I actually don’t know how much I actually talk about that at all.  

Side note: I copy pictures and all sorts of things from the internet. If it belongs to you and would like it removed — just ask.

18 thoughts on “Les Brookynite

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  2. I haven’t had the chance to fully dig into your blog but I will soon. I love honest blogs so looks like this is one I might have to follow. LOL

  3. I can’t help but LOL while i’m sitting here reading your posts, they’re very enjoyable. You seem very down to earth and open.. kinda like a friend good friend everyone SHOULD have lol
    I’ll be visiting more often!

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