Les Brooklynite

I am a black woman who was born and raised in Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn except for when it is time to find a parking spot.

I use this space to write about anything that is on my mind. This usually includes Blackness — Women — Children — LGBT — Brooklyn –Relationships — Gossip –Politics and News.



Les Brooklynite (Facebook)

@LesBrooklynite (Twitter)


Side Bar: I copy pictures and all sorts of things from the internet. If it belongs to you and would like it removed — just ask.


  1. I can’t help but LOL while i’m sitting here reading your posts, they’re very enjoyable. You seem very down to earth and open.. kinda like a friend good friend everyone SHOULD have lol
    I’ll be visiting more often!


  2. I haven’t had the chance to fully dig into your blog but I will soon. I love honest blogs so looks like this is one I might have to follow. LOL


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