Being a ‘Sexual Harasser’ pays, ask Bill O’Reilly and Fox

According to the NY Times, Bill O’Reilly is leaving Fox News with a payout of up to $25 million, the equivalent of one year of his salary.

For 21st Century Fox, the network’s parent company, payouts related to sexual harassment allegations at Fox News now total more than $85 million. 85 million! The vast majority of that — up to $65 million in exit packages — is being paid to the men who were ousted from the network because of the harassment allegations.

How is this type of shit acceptable? This is obviously the environment over at Fox. You get paid extremely well and that position gives you the freedom to sexually harass people. Oh wait, forgot to add, you must also be a white male. There are zero consequences. Black men would not have been able to carry on like this for all of these years. They would have fired his ass and found a way to avoid the payout. But for Bill an dem, once the whole world finds out, they go on paid leaves, take their multi-million dollar exit package and they move along. They get another chance to take their freak show on the road. Where is the accountability?

The crazy shit is, this man gets on his show and acts like the judge and jury, yet he is a dirty as a subway platform. I used to watch his show along with a few other Fox shows back in the day. I wanted to know what “they” were saying in the media. It was sickening. I eventually stopped torturing myself and said: “fuck what they are talking about.” It didn’t matter because they weren’t talking to me. They are talking to those who would later vote for Lucifer. I am not in that camp. I can’t take those Fox news people seriously. It is sad that many Americans actually do.

Fox is a huge company and I am sure many people would love to work for those assholes. But, it is a damn shame women can’t go to work and fucking work! Apparently, 40 percent of women say they are sexually harassed at work. Bad enough you even have to work for people. Then the men who are on the top of the food chain chooses to harass the employees. Come the fuck on. Nobody wants your tired old dried up ass. Clearly, being rich and white isn’t enough. The women still don’t want them. They knew they were rich and still said no. No! If that doesn’t tell you-you ain’t shit, I am not sure what would actually do the trick. I can’t imagine what it is like being married to these guys. I can bet their wives are rich and miserable.

Bill is out and I guess that is a good thing. But there are so many predators like him still out there. I guess I can take solace in not hearing about the shit he says anymore, right?

Oh and for all the shit that Bill O’Reilly pops, he likes black women. They all do. They talk that shit for their people. We know the truth.

Check out the video of a Black woman, Perquita Burgess who worked at Fox through a Temp agency some years ago. She knew full well the kind of person Billy Boy was in the workplace.

I love that women are speaking up. Continue the good work ladies.

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