Podcast Response: Mysonne on Vlad TV talking about Future promoting fuckery to the Kids

I loved the honesty in this interview.

I feel Mysonne a million percent. When are people going to stop dick riding? When are we going to step back and say: “damn, how the fuck did we get here?” It was never cool to be a drug addict. Now we have rappers saying they took Pink Molly and “can barely move.” Now “Molly, Perocets” is the HOOK to a song? And said song then becomes a hit song. People are entitled to like what they want, but let us not pretend this is not a junkie anthem.

Can Future rap? Sure. What he does is “kinda” rap, right?

Sure. Does damn near every song sound like a cry for help? YesI mean someone should really intervene. To literally talk about hardcore drug use as if it is the best thing ever? Nah, that’s never going to be cool. Never.

Even DMX has drawn that line. FYI, I love X. DMX always knew that shit wasn’t cool. He has addiction issues and he always shows he is human going through it. You know, the not so “fun” side.

Future acts like it is all fun and games. That is what I am not diggin’. The shit is a problem. Some of these rappers are straight junkies. He has songs devoted to drug abuse. It’s hardly just a line in a song, IT.IS.THE.SONG. His music is catchy and the beats are hard. I get it. Is there going to be a point when we reign it in? He sounds like he might OD. I really hope he moves past this stage in his life and figures it all out.

I am seeing junkies in their 20’s (white and black) on the street nodding their days away. It is sad to see.

Future is obviously not the only one. He is just very popular at the moment. This makes him a target. When I finally listened to a whole Future album, I wasn’t impressed. I felt like I was listening to a glorified crackhead. I feel like I shouldn’t even like his music. I didn’t want to contribute to his drug use. He needs help. All of his people sitting around and applauding should remind him he is a father to a tribe of children.

The sad part is some rappers probably feel like they have to talk about this kind of thing to become popular.

I will hop off my soapbox and go enjoy this Kendrick album.

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