NCAA is Slavery?

Chris Rock is a pretty outspoken guy. Speaking from his Facebook page, Rock had this to say:

“So I’m watching the Kansas North Carolina game on tv . And I notice there are 9 black players and 1 white player, btw the white player is amazing. Anyway I look in the stands and everybody is white. Since its known that college sports is big money . one could come to the conclusion that the nine black and one white player are playing to put 100 thousand white kids though college. I know no one is getting whipped or beaten but economically college sports are no different than slavery. I know a lot of black intellectuals will say we can do so much more than play ball and we can. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t reap the benefits from sports. White kids that go to Syracuse and Georgetown do.  These kids should be paid and allowed to get an education for themselves and there family’s for the rest of there lives. Black people not making money from college sports is like Arabs not making money from oil — insane. We have our reparations lottery ticket right in our pocket and were not smart enough to cash it in.”

I agree with Chris rock a million times over. I am constantly trying to figure out, when will people stop allowing themselves to be used?! These guys are the game! They bring the crowds!

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  1. There’s a point in this even though, historically, amateur athletes weren’t paid like their professional counterparts and that was because it was deemed that financial renumeration took away the purity of sports, i.e., playing more for money than for the love of the game.

    Now, should they receive something like a stipend because, yeah, going to college costs money even if you have a full scholarship – but that stipend or whatever you wanna call it should not come from a school’s alumni boosters but something handled by NCAA. The NCAA makes a mint selling the TV rights to their sports and while the schools reportedly benefit, perhaps it time that the players putting asses in the seats and getting people tuning in should be compensated for their efforts a bit more directly.


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