Empty My Brain!

Hey guys!


I suck, I know. It’s cool though. Ya girl is busy. I’ve decided I am going to get back in the game. I am going to Tweet and shit like that too. I am realllly not good with keeping up with all that stuff. I go on Instagram to look, not post. Same goes for most social media sites. I still like Facebook. What can I say?

So, let me empty my brain:

  • I have been at the new job for like a year and a half.
  • My ladies are doing well. They are 7 & 9 now.
  • My lady and I are now domestic partners. We’ve been together for like 2.5 yearsish. I bought her a ring. She wanted a ring. I went to Etsy  and bought a hand-made gold ring. It is simple and nice on her finger. She never leaves home without it.
  • I have been working on me. Just paying the bills I had to accrue over the year I was out of work. So, that ‘s been a goal. I now have no credit card debit yall. I’m out here! I was literally on the path to achieving my goal of zero debt in one year. THEN IRS came. They said I owe them some bread from 2014. I didn’t include the 20k I made from Air BNB. But in reality, it was like half that because I had to pay the rent for my old apartment. FUCK. Yea, I was renting my old apartment out on Air BNB. That apartment helped to float me during that time, along with unemployment, temp work and side hustles. Once tax time came I said, fuck it. I really needed that return in its entirety, so I didn’t report that “income.” Peep the quotes. It’s cool though. It was like a loan during my unemployment. So, I need to pay this $4gs+. I shall knock it out. I did learn that the IRS compounds their interest daily though. I have never owed the MAN before and I see why. I am not interested in this mess. But, I got this.
  • I went to Europe in July for 2 weeks. My sister turned 30 and she wanted a destination turn up birthday. I was down. I wanted my family to go. My lady thought it was too much time away from her job and she thought I should just go and enjoy myself. What? No kids? Never. But I agreed. I mean as soon as she said it was cool, I booked my ticket in like an hour. I really wanted them to come though. That was a long time to be away. But it worked out. We facetimed, I mailed them postcards everywhere I went and mailed souvenirs.
  • I need a new side hustle. I am considering dashikis. I want some. I think other people want some too. I shall keep you posted.
  • My kids started a tiny business. A lemonade stand. They made $120 in one day. DECENT. We are going to do it again this weekend. They are buying their own something for school. I made them save the money. They were tight. Such is life.
  • I started watching Ballers. You saw it?  I like it.

Per usual, comment, add or just partake in the emptying of my brain!

Bye guys!


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