Empty my brain

Oh my goodness, I have been gone for so long!

  • I got a new job. I am a Director chile. It’s good. There is potential for growth. I dig it.
  • I am in a relationship with the prospect. We’ve been together for about a year and a half.
  • She is moving in shortly. I have never lived with a woman before so this will be new to me. The kids are aware. She spends all of her time at my house at this point, so it just makes sense. She is paying the rent for September at her apartment and then it will be official. She will also be paying rent here moving forward.
  • I went to Aruba with my sisters and my lady; we were there for her birthday. I took her to a fancy ass restaurant surrounded by water. I’m fly. I plan great dates. She doesn’t plan great dates, lol.
  • I expect sex after I plan a great date. Do you?
  • September is going to be so damn crazy. The kids are out the week before school; I am working from home. I really should be at work though. Dentist and Dr. appointments. School starts. The move. I am going to San Francisco for a conference for a week. My 6 year old is going to be 7. I am going to be older too.
  • October is going to be smooth sailing.
  • I hired a black girl at my job. She started Monday and told me on Wednesday she accepted another offer. We waited for 6 weeks for her to start. She attended the staff meeting on Tuesday and had the nerve to have ideas. Shut up. You knew you were leaving us. I hadn’t even processed her new hire paperwork yet. I was like is there anything we can do? Not that I was going to do anything, but you gotta ask, right? She said no, she spoke to her parents and although it was a difficult decision, she was accepting the other offer. Ok, cool. I tell the staff the next day, because she told me at the end of the day Wednesday. We decided Thursday should be her last day. She sent me an email after we all agreed. She said she may have rushed to make the decision and if I would allow her until Friday to make a final decision; she understood if I could not do so. What? Girl stop playing with me. I was rooting for this black girl. I actually told her that too. She didn’t do us proud. I think she was probably just trying to get a full weeks pay?! A mess. Her last day was Thursday. I’m here with the white folks and we are ALL over her. Oh, I am the only black person here. It’s a small staff, but still.

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