Empty My Brain

1. I forgot my salad dressing at home and had to buy some more. It was French and it was good. But I bought 2 bottles of something “new” yesterday, guess I will try something “new” tomorrow.

2. Asians girls are bringing sexy back in their own lil way, aren’t they? When did they become so fashionable? I guess it pays to have an uncle who owns a sweat shop, huh? (take a joke people). I might pay this girl a compliment. I think she speaks English, I kid, I kid. I am almost positive she speaks English lol.

3. I  have never dated an Asian woman.

4. My hair is so dry, feels like Ramen Noodles. This weather is no joke on my hair, any tips? Might be time to weave and or braid this up for a few months. I really wanted my hair to be free though. I want to itch as I please. But, I also want to have some left come summer. Oh, I am a “natural” girl now. Maybe, I will show a quick pic.

5. I need “work clothes.” As a matter a fact, I just need to go shopping period.

6. I want to cuddle.

7. I like Wale.

8. “Urban” white people are a sight to see, or not.

9. This “opt-out” of state testing is really becoming a thing in NYC city schools. It is something to consider, I suppose.

Feel free to be random with me…add yours or feel free to comment.


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