Tossing Salad….anyone?

How do you feel about it? People tend to feel strongly one way or another? Or, no?

Me? I think it feels great having it done to me. It’s like a nice relaxing massage. Kind of like a treat.

Are there people who have had it done and didn’t like it?

What about being the giver? Do you feel like you are giving the ultimate pleasure to your partner? Or is this something you include in all your sex adventures?

Personally, I think “anal anything” should be reserved for someone very special. Unless you are a gay man. They seem to do it to anyone lol. No shade though…they do the damn thing in those porn videos. I see yall!

Is there a squeamish factor? Will you kiss the person afterwards? Are there certain rules that must be followed?

Oh, the things that run across my mind.

I started a new gig for the city. It’s cool. It’s temporary. I’m working with the agency still trying to handle all the Hurricane Sandy issues. So, once they are finally finished repairing and reimbursing people, they will close up shop. So, I’ll be here until I’m not. You should see the office I am in yall. They had zero cubicles, so I have the receptionist’s office. There is glass all around and people keep asking me shit I don’t know. Let’s hope I get a cubicle. But really, I’d rather be sitting here then at home making nada. So, I shall be the fish in the fishbowl while I cash this check lol.


  1. Most people I know wouldn’t do it or want to have it done; even though when it’s done properly – read this as everything’s cleaned before the fact – it can be naughty and pleasurable but, well, ya know where the fear factor comes in.


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