Babysitter Kidnaps Baby & Convinces Her Boyfriend That It’s Their Child

Was she serious?


Desperation reached a whole new level for 22-year-old Javeele Thomas. She stole Jalayia Gonzalez, the 4-month-old baby she was babysitting to convince her boyfriend that she’d had his baby. Jalayia is the child of a friend of Thomas’.

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According to reports, back in May or June of 2014, Thomas told her boyfriend that she was pregnant and that he was the father. In October, Thomas lost their child and stopped talking to her boyfriend. “She re-established contact with the father, telling him she was out of town and that she had had the baby,” said Chief Monty Giddens to WKRN. “She made arrangements to babysit Jalayia and meet her boyfriend, and she presented Jalayia to him as their child,” Giddens added.

The Gonzalez family reported their infant daughter and Thomas missing from Nashville, Tennessee when they…

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