What is the point of dating?

Hey Folks!

So, I was having a conversation today with my homie. She is actively dating. The young man she is dating now is a virgin. Yep, a close to 30-year-old virgin. Okay, that is fine. His body. His decisions. In this situation dating means: Met online, had 2-3 dates.  He would like to have another/more dates.

Can you actively pursue a relationship/continue dating if sex probably wont happen?

I don’t know man. I am not about the whole save yourself for marriage stuff, unless you are actually a virgin.

Anyway, I believe I could date a virgin. That could is REALLY strong.  I could not date someone seriously if I had to wait for marriage for sex.

Chime in…




  1. Dating doesn’t have to lead to sex… but it wouldn’t hurt. Back in the day – and I’m talking about before my time (and maybe my parents’), you’d court a lady, showing all the proper respect and keeping your mitts off her because being virginal and saving yourself for your husband was the right thing to do. Today, we’re more… forward about sex; most lose their virginity way before they ever get married and, yes, there are still a lot of people who don’t believe in premarital sex – and if that works for them, cool. Now, whether our society still believes this to be virtuous for people over the age of 18 is unknown to me; they’re more about trying to keep the younguns from scrumping before they’re old enough to deal with the responsibility… but that never worked even in my early days.

    Some women are funny about sex and dating, preferring to make him (or in your case, her) wait for the sex, not out of any sense of virtue or anything like that but to make sure that the other person is found worthy of the gift of her body and that she’s not making a mistake in giving it up because, preferably, she wants to give it up to someone who’s going to stay with her and not just hit it and get in the wind.

    I, too, don’t think I could wait for marriage to have sex; it’s not easy dealing with someone who is inexperienced in this and a lot of people feel as if they don’t have the time to teach… but they have time to do it which I feel isn’t really all that cool. I’ve learned over the years that dealing with an older virgin – someone kinda way over the age of 25 – can be problematic because unless you’ve got some incredible patience and willing to teach, folks get dissatisfied with the once-virgin person because they lack the experience and skills that make sex the bomb shit thing to do, getting married or otherwise.

    We could get into the whole purpose of dating… but I’m sure you have better things to do…


  2. Welcome back. I wad on a hiatus myself, so glad to see you. While I would like to think I’m mature, have incredible self control and could wait, fact of the mastery is that wait wouldn’t be until marriage. Truth be told, I need to know whey I’m getting myself into… I enjoy passion laced seasons… When I’m into you, I want to touch you…. All of you. Nah, we can wait awhile, but I’m sure I would antsy at some point.


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