I did a post for another blogger some time ago at Kera Dangerous.

I wanted to ask you guys how you felt about PDA. I like PDA. I don’t mean damn near having sex or anything, but some flirting, kissing, touching in a discreetish manner is cool for me. It can be sexy. You know the whole thing of not being able to really have sex, but having fun thinking about it? I know everyone isn’t down. My sister said it is cool if you are proud of the person. Is that true? Does it have to do with pride or maybe just being embarrassed by any of this outdoors?

What do you think?


  1. PDAs shouldn’t be limited to hiding behind locked doors but I think a lot of people are against such things because of that need to keep such things private and while I respect this, I believe that failing to show affection to your partner or limiting it to non-PDAs sends a bad message: I’m too prudish/embarrassed/private to show you how I feel about you in public.

    A kiss, a hug, or even a nice pat on the ass isn’t showing off or anything like that (but it could be and that’s fine, too) – it tells your partner that your affection for them isn’t limited to bopping around the crib or some other place where no one can see you. You might not want other people all up in your business but if you’re too “constipated” to do some PDA with your partner, well, I think there’s something wrong with this. PDAs aren’t about the people who might see you doing them – it’s about your feelings for your partner and if other folks don’t like it, they need to get a life or something.


  2. PDA is cool. Mainly I like to hold hands. I always have. I guess that’s my thing. Otherwise I generally keep the PDA to a minimum most of the time.

    I hope you’re having a nice fall. I wish you a happy holiday season! Keep warm.


  3. I enjoy PDA. I’m an affectionate person and while I’m not going to cross lines and cause scenes in public, I do enjoy being able to continue my affection while out and about.


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