They got me…I was fired!

Remember when I told you guys about the issues I had at my job? Well, problem solved. I was fired. Yep, they weren’t trying to hear me, so they fired me for speaking up for myself. My boss was crying; They went over her head. If someone is fired their supervisor makes the call. Well, because they knew she wouldn’t be down with the bullshit, they just came and fired me. (The same asshole I had an issue with before). Long story shorter, I am looking into suing the organization. I was a good employee. I did my work and got along well with my Director and co-workers. My sister’s friend is a labor attorney and I asked her to speak to her about my options.

I have spoken about the bullshit they are on a few times.

They were looking for another sheep and I am just not with it. They do some fucked up shit and people complain quietly. I speak to who ever spoke to me. I do not initiate contact. But, once I am contacted, I feel, I am free to speak on my own behalf. Yea, well no. I knew I risked being fired for not allowing them to bullshit me. I did think they would have written me up for some some fake-shit or something. I had a clean record; I was never reprimanded or written up. They didn’t bother to go through the normal channels. They created a new firing process for me. The ‘Sucka’ came to Brooklyn, from the Headquarters in Manhattan and told me I had 30 minutes to leave the building. Then he came into my office and started counting down. He was rushing me out the door. I worked there for years and I had 30 minutes to organize myself. He is a piece of work. He is a black man too. If only he knew the organization will never be grateful to him.

Do you know what though? I feel so good. I am happier. I feel better about my future. I was so sick of the fuckery with them. Family and friends were kind of surprised about me acting all cool. But, I don’t feel stressed. I didn’t own that company, so I didn’t lose that much. I just gained some time back into my days. I swear I feel like every day was just flying and I wasn’t really seeing the life around me. I am enjoying this time off. I am going to cherish it, because I know it can’t last forever. As long as my kids and I have a roof, food and our bills are paid, I would be a fool to complain. I am grateful. 



  1. Wow, if they created a new firing procedure just for you, you must have really gotten under their skin! Getting fired sucks… but sometimes, they actually do you a favor by firing you, if you know what I mean.


  2. I applaud you for this. Your integrity means more than a pay check. I’m going to spread the word about your business and see how I can support them (don’t have a dog and I’m a dude so no hair for me lol.) Also I’m not surprised they sent a token to do the dirty work. That’s the norm these days.


  3. That negro who hired you is nothing more than a bootlicker. He will more than likely receive the same treatment. Uncle Tom’s are rampant in corporate america. I hope you win any potential litigation, and they did you a favor. It was probably time to move on…


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