Empty My Brain

It is time for me to empty my brain again. Let me see what is going on up there…


  • I am over the snow.


  • I need to become successful on my own, sooner rather than later. I am a bit too rebellious to work for some people. We have a new H.R. Manager who believes I should be doing his work. No, Sir. It was my first time meeting him during a meeting on Friday. And meet me he did. They pay you more, but I should do your work? I guess this is ’12  Years a Slave’ over here. Fire me


After leading the pack and telling him, I felt it was a slap in the face to call a meeting giving us more work to do –  his work to do – without more pay or even a updating our job description, he agreed we should have a one-on-one. I was down. I went to his office to continue our conversation. I dont care how pretty and formal they make it. I don’t care if they use the nice conference room and buy pizza. I am not a slave. This is modern day America. You want more, you pay more and put it in writing.

I felt like he was pissing on me and calling it rain. Or fucking me in a way I don’t like and telling me, I love it. No, I do not like that. I actually hate that very much! Thanks but no thanks! I refuse and I need to know the next steps, after saying NO. So, today he will be following up with me regarding our meeting with a phone call.

  • I can’t stand when people do not speak up for themselves. There were 4 of us “invited” to the meeting. The 4 people who were getting more duties. Do you know not ONE of those other women said shit? I was over the whole meeting and all the attendees. They were taking notes and shit. The fuck are you taking notes for? This man started 2 months ago, he isn’t saying anything new. Same ol’ shit. The difference was he was explaining it in a way, that made it our duties. When it has always been the HR manager’s duties. He decided he had too much work to do and wanted to “simplify” the process. Nah, I am cool. I thought it was already simple.

But yea, they were eating it up. I was eating my slice and sipping my soda. I didn’t write shit…didn’t ask shit and wasn’t interested in the whole shit. The others had the nerve to be “looking” at me in “agreeance.” Then after the meeting, they were on the “same page” as me. Sheep. A bunch of fucking sheep! They had a whole lot to say when the meeting was over. What ever, you do the work with bells on. Don’t they know we are more powerful in numbers?

  • I want to go on a vacation this year.
  • They should give “Mommy of the Year” awards. I want one.
  • I am having a really good time dating.

That is all for now…


      1. Nah, darling, after reading about your meeting – and one I had too many times – I’m the one laughing ’cause it ain’t me no more! Only meeting I have to deal with is the one about what’s for dinner…


        1. He just called me and said, he didn’t feel I should have brought up the salary increase in the meeting. That was something I could have said to him in private.

          Why? So, you can find a way to ONLY give me a raise? And let the others slave? Or did he not want me to put that in their brains?

          Whatever. I told him I spoke for myself, but I do believe it effects everyone. Now, he is going to follow up with people and get back to me. Yea, send the check or do the shit yourself.


  1. “I was eating my slice and sipping my soda. I didn’t write shit…didn’t ask shit and wasn’t interested in the whole shit. ”

    Lol! I love that.

    There are good managers and bad ones. The bad ones try to make their subordinates do all of the work while they sit back and take credit.

    I want a nice vacation too.

    Living on the West Coast I miss the snow. But, I get why you would be over it.


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