The “Prospect” and I are progressing…

I have spent more time with the “Prospect.” I invited her over to watch Scandal on Thursday. I figured we were both going to watch, so we could watch together. She came and brought her own dinner with her too, which I thought was great. It was just some soup she picked up and some fruit. Simple. I didn’t cook when I got home from work. I had stuff I could heat up, but nothing prepared. She didn’t have a chance to eat dinner and figured she would just grab something. I heated it and plated it for her and we enjoyed the show. I think I am going to make that a weekly date/thing during the week. We can see each other for a few hours, without the need to really make big plans. Relaxed. She also brought me this really sweet-smelling candle. Thoughtful.

She wants me to meet her best friend. Her best friend is very important and she values his opinion. I am down. So, she tried to make brunch happen on Saturday. It didn’t work out as planned,  so we cancelled. In order to save the day, we still wanted to at least do something together. I asked her if she wanted to go to the movies. We went to a late movie, because I had to wait for my sister to come by and watch the kids. She offered to watch the kids, so I could go on a date. I cooked dinner earlier in the day for my sister and kids. They had rice and peas with ribs.

I picked her up from her house for the first time. She invited me in for a few minutes before we left. Her place is nice, I will fit in just fine there lol. I met her sister and her sisters’ sons. Her sister knew “of” me already. Her sister was hilarious. She purposefully left the house when we were walking to the car. It was like an “Oh, what do we have here?” moment. She wanted to see what I looked like and said her sons didn’t know how to be smooth with it. LOL, they came out the house like “HEY AUNTIE!” They were nice. It was brief, but I am sure I will meet them again.

We saw the Tyler Perry movie: Single Mom’s Club. Corny. It was kinda funny, but dry at the same time. The plus side was I had an unused movies gift card from Christmas. It was a win.

Our conversations are great and we are really getting to know each other. I even found out we went to the same elementary school and lived in the same neighborhood. I wonder who knows her from my family? I hope no one.

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