I like someone…

It is still fresh, but I like her so far. She is smart, grown and I likes. She is attractive.. We had lunch and she was courteous, which was nice. I drove that day and she got out to get the parking ticket instinctively. I can appreciate someone who is thinking ahead. It was a last-minute lunch idea, but she went with the flow very nicely. She gets points for not over-thinking sudden lunch plans.

She invited me to a comedy show last weekend and I had a really good time. The show was funny as hell. We went to Harlem to a Dominican restaurant first. I ordered mafungo for the first time and it was different. I thought it would be soft, it wasn’t.

She opens car doors. She paid for our date. Which worked out nice, because I paid for the sitter. It was really easy and nice. On Sunday, my sister decided I should have a “dinner party.” That just means I cooked and invited a few people over, my sisters, my sister’s girlfriend, my cousin and I invited her over too. It was super last-minute and I wasn’t sure she would come. I didn’t want her to feel pressure “meeting” my family. But, it wasn’t like that at all. My sisters are really regular and within age range. So, there wasn’t anyone there that would make things feel strange. But, I still told her she could bring a friend if she wanted a “wing-man.”

She came by her self. She seemed comfortable. She liked my food. I made stew chicken, oxtails, rice & peas, curried sweet chickpeas, a salad, ackee and my sisters brought wine. My parents are Caribbean, so I stuck with those dishes on Sunday. She thought we needed dessert, so she was thoughtful and brought cookies.

It was a nice evening. Some people hadn’t been to my “new” apartment, so they got to see where I am. We are totally doing the “new thing.” You know, talk on the phone for hours. It’s nice. She thinks I say sweet things. What can I say? lol.

Yea, so we shall see. We like each other’s company. I think I am going to invite her to the movies this weekend.

I’ll keep yall posted.


  1. Yay!!! The “brand new” feeling is always the best! It’s great that she’s easy enough to go with the flow- says great things about her personality. I must say though, as a Caribbean, I’m soooo jealous of the Sunday menu. 😦 I want to come to the next party, lol


    1. LOL @ the Sunday menu. I asked her if she wanted to take some home and she did. I was like Yesss a regular person. I know I am quick to take a tupperware home when I can too lol. She ate it for lunch the next day. I was like okay…score for me! lol

      Now, that I know you like the menu, I will make a little extra for you lol.


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