My child doesn’t know anything…

Actually she has the brain of some young adults. The problem is she is 5 and needs to go with my flow.

My 5-year-old is stubborn as I don’t know what! She is all about comfort. I know she is not going to be one of the “beauty is pain girls.” She just doesn’t believe in being uncomfortable for any reason.

Anyway, this also goes with being hot and having on too much clothes or feeling like she can’t move or behave normally. No matter how I dress her or tell her what to put on, she always has a hot, itchy uncomfortable complaint. It is driving me nuts. I recently told her she no longer had the option of picking clothes. She is just going to wear it. Yea, wear it and make us both miserable the whole time. -__- I really try to hear her out, but this is getting ridiculous. But, she really IS uncomfortable. I don’t even know how to dress her these days. She doesn’t like tights, stockings, legging, long-johns, anything on her neck or anything that makes her feel uncomfortable. That is like all winter clothes.! WTH. Please send some suggestions my way.

If I put on a scarf and hat, she puts it in her book bag because she is hot. If I zip up or tell her to zip her coat/sweater, she zips it half way because she is hot or it is choking her neck. If I tell her to put on socks that are not ankle socks, she says they make her feet hot. If I get in the car in the cold, she opens the windows or tries to complain for the whole trip for me to open it. Lawd help me. It is winter/fall and cold/chilly, this is the norm, stop it. No, you can not just wear a shirt and vest, no you can not wear short sleeves, no you can’t fold your hat like a toupee on your head, pull it down and cover your ears. I swear this has been a battle since the weather changed. I talk to her, I tell her she is going to get sick, I tell her we don’t get the flu shot so we need to be extra careful. Does this work? No. Now, she has had a lil cold/cough for like 2 weeks. You think she would even keep the covers on at night? Nope. This apt gets chilly @ night, we live by water. I have to get up a few times during the night to make sure she has her blanket over her body.

Well, guess who seems to have an ear infection tonight? Yea, Ms. Too Cool for School. Ugh. She has never had an ear infection. Neither one of my kids. They don’t get sick like that either. I am the bundle up mommy. I rather them be hot and deal with it. But, she won’t deal with it anymore. What am I to do? Suggestions? I am afraid that one ear infection will lead to many, they seem to go that way.

She is in my bed crying. Holding her ear, coughing in my face, and whining. I must get an appointment for tomorrow to get this dealt with quickly. She can’t sleep. She is waking up/getting up ever 5 minutes. I don’t want to put her in her room with her sister, because she will keep them both up. I will take one for the team and let her sleep with me.

Maybe this will make her understand that I was right? You will get sick if you are not dressed properly? I just asked her, wouldn’t you rather be itchy or hot? She said yes. Her ear is killing her and I don’t have any pain medication to offer. I can’t tell the last time I needed pain medication for my kids. I wonder if they will have it at the corner store, like Tylenol for kids? I really have no idea, you ever saw that at a corner store before? I am not taking her outside in the cold to find a pharmacy. I am going to check to see if I have anything in the house, maybe I have something I don’t even remember having. Off to the cabinet I go…

Ear infections….tell me about them. I had one many years ago. I never experienced one with children, so I don’t even know what to expect.


  1. Good luck with dis one! When my kids were five, we dressed them because letting them dress themselves always seemed like (a) the circus was in town or (b) they got dressed while in their very dark closets. Whether they stayed the way we dressed them was another matter and, yeah, it drove us nuts! I’m not sure if we did anything in particular to ‘cure’ them…


  2. lol. She picks okay stuff. Well, okay for her age. She cracks me up, because her outfits may not even look nice but her confidence is sky high. She will put on some school shoes, ankle socks, sweat pants, any shirt and be ready to go. LOL, I let her rock too. Usually because I am just going to the store, so it is whatever. My 6 year old, would rather stay home. She will take 20 mins to put something on to go to the store on the corner, that drives me equally crazy. She WOULD NEVER leave the house looking any old way. It is entertaining to see what they pick. Now, that it is cold, I say, pick warm pants, tights/leggings, long-sleeved shirt and a under shirt. If they can pull those things together, I am good because I know they are warm. But the option is over until the weather changes. Then she can put on any foolishness and I will let her rock within reason. She doesn’t know how to handle winter. Every.Single.Thing.Is.A.Problem.For.Her.Body.

    The thing is, I am the same way. I hate packing on a bunch of shit in the winter. I hate clothes that make me itch like wool. I dislike turtlenecks. I like to drive and wear just enough to jump in and out of the car. I feel like I cannot breathe in too much clothes.

    So, I am trying to balance things with her. It is just ugh.


  3. Aww she sounds like me when I was a kid and even more so now. My mother wanted me warm and would put me in wool sweaters OMG itchy city. Tights were itchy!! I was always too hot. Thermals were too hot, my coat was too puffy or too hot. Long sleeve all cotton shirts worked best and some plain pants. Hats were itchy so ear muffs worked until I lost them…I wish they had these wide head bands that go over your ears when I was little(they work wonders for my kiddos)!
    Eat infection is no fun, no earphones or earbuds, if possible sleep with the head slightly elevated, keep ears covered while in the cool/cold air, sipping warm apple cider, if you can stay away from antibiotics and go homeopathic (candling, mineral oil on a cotton ball etc) it’s best, however if a fever occurs seek medical attention. The standard. Good luck! I hope the baby feels better soon!


    1. Thank you so much! She is in my bed now and has been good for like 45 minutes. Then she gets up miserable, but says she does feel a little better and wanted to know “why are you staring at me?” No one is staring, I am trying to figure out all the movements. Once she really slept, I think she could ignore the pain, plus it just started @ like 9 tonight. It is only 1, so it hasn’t been ailing her for days, you know.

      I am going to keep your tips in mind. I am homeopathic, try not to use drugs, will use home remedies etc. But, I think I am going straight for drugs tomorrow at the Dr. My Dr. is homeopathic too, so he rarely gives out prescriptions. I am asking tomorrow though. I need this handled ASAP.

      The only thing is, I try to avoid my DR at this time of the year. He is homeopathic, doesn’t like drugs, unless needed, but pushes the fuck out of the flu shot. OMG! Yall don’t even know. I am a deadbeat, I think. Well, according to him. He writes mad notes and shit on the computer and UGH! He doesn’t tell you what he is writing, he is just documenting his ass off. He makes me sick with that shit. At this time I opt for the other 2 Doctors in his practice. He believes everyone should give their kid the shot and now that I am actually bringing her sick, he is going to annoy my ass.

      I shall not no choice of Drs tomorrow. If he is the only one on, I am going to war. Ugh. Fuck it.


  4. I let my son feel the material in Under Armor and now he’ll wear that when it is cold as hell. The trick was letting him pick the colors and get used to the material. Sick kids are a complete pain-in-the-ass. Good luck!


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