I am poor, they cut off my lights!

Well, that isn’t the reason. The electricity is off though.

I told you guys I recently moved, right? Yea, so I never turned the power on in my name. I was going to do it, really I was. But, I was putting it off. Well, Con Edison and the Marshall paid me a visit this morning before I left for work.

I was like DAMN! So, the lights literally went off on us before we left the house. I tried to plug my flat-iron in real quick to get a lil heat. It was enough to fix my bangs.

My daughter was scared, lol. I had to explain what was going on.

Since this happened early in the morning, he said all I have to do is call and turn the power on in my name. I needed to send a copy of the lease and a whole bunch of papers to them to identify myself. Okay cool. I wasn’t worried. But, I was like DAMN all of this for a lil electric bill? Well, turns out the last tenant owed almost $3000.00 in electric bills. How the hell do you even get to owe that much? “Stephanie” is an asshole, lol.

The Con Ed man had a court order to take the whole fucking meter. I was like damn. So, I get all the paperwork together to fax when I get to work. I needed to get my lights on before I came home from work.

BUT, they can not come out until tomorrow because the meter was removed. Why the fuck are they taking the meter? So, now they have to bring a new one and set me up as a new customer. My daughter ran and got her tooth-brush that lights up and a pen with a light. She believes this will be useful when we come home to a pitch black house. Poor honey, lol

You know, I was trying to be slick guys. I could have switched that service over to my name. But, I figured, why not live for free for a little while? I can just switch it over later. Little did I know the last tenant was a bigger loser than me! Now, after I sent my lease to them, I have to pay for the power I used from the lease start date. So, guess who played themselves? Yea, me! I saved NOTHING, like a schmuck! I now have to pay from the moment I turned my key in that door. I will pay for every drop of energy we used, lol.

Now, my kids are going to be in the dark for the night. They have never dealt with this and neither have I to be honest.  One thing I always pay is my utilities and rent first! Now, look at me? Sally slickster is going to be sitting in the damn dark. Man oh man. I am going to use this a lesson.

Anywho, I am not mad. I actually laughed at myself. I called my sisters and they laughed at/with me too. LOL. I set up a new account as soon as I got to work and they told me they would be at my building in 24 hours. Fine. I just have to figure out how I am going to maneuver tonight.

I know some of yall had your power cut off. Give me some tips!

Here is the plan!

1. Buy some flashlights or a battery-operated lantern.

2. Pick the kids up from school and bring them to my job, instead of after-school. That way they can do their homework here and eat with some light, lol.

3. Go home bathe and lay in the bed. I mean what else can we do?

4. I am going to go home at lunch to get my tablet and laptop to charge at work.  I forgot them at home this morning. I need to have my laptop and the kids can use the tablet in their bed.

Well, that is all I have.

Any other suggestions? I am thinking about going to my grandmother’s house to hang out/bathe the kids, then we can just go home and go to bed. I don’t really feel like going over there though.

Chime In!


  1. Never had lights turned off but. You did right by charging some devices kids do get bored in this time and age. Stay warm tonight. Won’t you all sleep together and watch a movie on the PC untill you fall asleep


    1. It turned out okay. I told the kids we were going to pretend we were camping lol.

      By the time we got home, we just had to bathe. I had the light by the bathroom door and we sat and waited for each other to finish their bath.

      Then off to bed. They tried to say they were scared to go to sleep, but we always sleep in the dark and once they realized that part it was like any other night, we were cool.

      I wanted to make some noodles and realized I needed matches. So, I ran down stairs and asked the door man for some matches and I was good. Made my noodles with a flash light and sat in my bed with the laptop and ate. It was a small adventure lol.

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  2. I actually went through this…but I could not get the lights turned on because the floozy that I was messing with owed BGE (Baltimore Gas & Electric) about 2g’s. Somehow they found out that she was living with me and told me that although the electric would be in my name, I would not be able to get it turned on unless she paid what SHE owed. I was like wth, what does her bs have to do with me? So I tried to call back and tell them that she did not live there anymore, but they wanted proof from our landlord and of course his ghetto ass didn’t want to be involved. So we were without electric until we found the bootleg electric guy. This guy use to work as a technician for BGE, but got fired because he was an alcoholic. So he decided to still make money by hooking up electricity for a $80.00 fee. We just had to keep ALL of the lights on or the current wouldn’t be strong enough for everything to run. We got away with it until the end of our lease.

    Before we found him we found out that the gas still worked so we heated up the iron on the stove so that we could iron our clothes, and ate out. We also went to other peoples house to take a shower. We charged all of our devices at a local library. Her son thought it was a game lol. He thought we were having a slumber party or something. We lit some candles and stayed in one room. Thank goodness it was the summer time.

    At least your situation is only for one night..imagine 2 weeks. That was the first and last time I lived without electricity. I never really appreciated the fact that I can flick on a switch and be able to see….. until I didn’t have the option anymore.


  3. That was funny, about being slick that is…I would have done the same thing. Milk the cow, until the cow decides he is all out of milk. What was so crazy was that “Stephanie” let her bill be ran up to $3,000. She obviously didn’t care..they should have turned her lights off before you moved in!


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