Spike like Speaks on Black and Brown people getting pushed out of NYC

Spike is on point here. It is real out here.

NYC is nuts right now.

It is so damn hard to find a place to live.


  1. OK fair enough. The worst part is I was speaking to someone who works in real-estate, and at least in the Williamsburg area, most new people moving in are straight out of college, and their parents are often the ones paying the exorbitant rent prices while their kids pretend to be artists for a few years. So, a lot of it isn’t even people “making their own way”. Its spoiled kids with rich parents driving up prices. Grr.


  2. This “white people are taking over the black areas” is such a shallow interpretation of gentrification and is used all too often by those who have taken too many sociology courses and like to interpret everything through some type of racial lens. The truth is that while many gentrifiers moving to these neighborhoods do tend to be white, there are many from other ethnic demographics as well. It’s not white people taking over black areas- it’s younger, more affluent, more educated, more pretentious, possibly more spoiled people from the rest of the country who are moving to Brooklyn instead of just Manhattan as has historically been the case with the gentrifying demographic (and yes, the attitudes of lots of these trust fund kids often sends me through the roof). While a lot of the gentrifiers are moving to traditionally black areas like bed-stuy, they are also moving to traditionally white areas like the Italian section of Williamsburg (where a lot of my family is from) and Polish Greenpoint. The contrast between gentrifiers and traditional white residents in these neighborhoods is nearly as significant as the contrast in places like bed-stuy and are also driving the rents astronomically high. So please, can we stop drawing everything we see along bs race lines. It’s really too convenient of an answer.


    1. If I am understanding you correctly, you agree with me. You would just prefer me leave out “white” and say “younger, more affluent, more educated, more pretentious” people? Let us not kid ourselves here with more words than needed. But seriously, what it boils down to is more affluent, or even middle class people pushing out poor or low income people. Like I said, I like diversity, but the low income people who have been living in these neighborhoods have little when it comes to housing options. While the people who are coming in have options out the wazoo.


      1. We have to look at in through a racial lens because that’s how this country is run.Any person saying that it’s not is just trying to save face. Of course it’s white people taking over black areas. Unfortunately, it’s with the help of the Black elite. Let’s take Brooklyn for example. When did white people ever want to live in bed-sty? When did white people ever want to move around Black people? The new Barclay center was put up and Black people were forced out of their homes they have lived at for years because the taxes doubled and tripled.


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