Cute Girl In My New Building….

Yep. You know I am looking right?

So, there were only 2 apartments available in my new building. There was a 2 br, which I took and a 1 bedroom on my floor. The maintenance guy was getting the one bedroom together to be rented on Nov 1. Well, I came home on Nov 1 and saw a woman coming out of the apartment with garbage. I was like, okay. She is cute, short, looks like she is into yoga and healthy stuff.

So, I spoke. Hey, why not? I asked her how she liked the place. She told me she loved the view and we chatted for a little. She asked what my name was and I introduced myself. Her name is Tanya and she asked what my daughters’ names were. I liked when people acknowledge children. I had laundry and shit, so I couldn’t really talk long with the bags.

As I finished doing some things in the house, I decided I was going to bring her a house-warming gift. Which was probably more of a “let me see if she is gay” gift. I looked around my house for some shit to offer, lol. I found some red candles that I bought from Ikea last year. I never used them, but they were a little dusty. I wiped them off real quick, fixed my hair, fixed my face and I put on a hat. My hair wasn’t looking all that great when I saw her earlier, but I fixed my self up just a little. Enough to look better, but not like I was going somewhere, you know?

I knocked on her door and she asked “who is it?” I said my name like we were friends. So, I handed her the candles and told her I wanted to offer a house-warming gifts. She laughed, took the candles and thanked me. So, that was cool. Wait, I dropped the candles when I was handing them to her. But, that was probably good, because the tab was a little opened. So, dropping them probably made it look like it just happened. I asked if she had everything together and she said “yes, I am pretty much done.” I have been in my apartment 2 weeks and it is still crazy. She opened her door for me to see and said it was okay to come in. I took my shoes off and looked around. I do need a pedicure, so I should have had on some socks. I hope she didn’t notice, but I also didn’t want to walk around her apartment in my shoes. Maybe I will get points for that and not have any taken away for my need of a pedicure.

She was gushing about the view; it was really nice. She asked if I saw the same thing and NOPE. I am in the back. I just see more of the neighborhood. I do see nice sunsets and blinding sun in the morning through my big-ass windows. I don’t have blinds or curtains up yet and the sun is nuts. She on the other had a great view of the Statue of Liberty. I see all of that when I am out and about, or near the water rather, but not from my apartment. Plus, we are on the top floor, so she sees the Manhattan skyline perfectly. I must say, it was nice. She is sold on that and the big-ass windows.

She had her whole shit set up. I didn’t see any boxes! I was like…damn, I can’t wait till we get cool, lol. She looks like a mover and a shaker. She moved in THAT day! She showed me around her living room and bedroom and it was cute, She had a lot of candles around her place, so I gave her the right thing. She had all her furniture situated. Her moving guy didn’t put her wardrobe together. It is an Ikea thing. I may use that as another opportunity. You know, offer to help her put it together. But, I really truly hate doing shit like that, so I need to at least know she is a lesbian before I offer help. I am just saying.

I told her she could come over to see my place too; people like to see the apartments in their building. I know I do. She said “sure” and put her shoes on. My place was a mess, but what ever. She understood I had kids. Plus, it’s not dirty, I just needed to put shit away. Which I did the day after she came by. My place looks so organized now; I am getting there.

She loved the size of my apartment and the fact that I had painted. So, I had an excuse for everything not being put away yet. I was spicing the place up with paint and shit.

We talked in the hallway about the neighborhood etc. She IS a yoga teacher! She works at a health food store. She drives and moved from another neighborhood in Brooklyn. She is from Massachusetts and lived in NY for a year. That is pretty much all I found out about her so far.

So, yea that is my neighbor. I don’t just want to ask if she is gay, but I want to know. I guess I am going to have to work the fact that I AM a lesbian into a conversation?

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