Foolishness Of The Day

STRAIGHT FROM MY INBOX: I’ve been in a relationship with this guy for a good while. Almost a year. We are sexually active. The sex is good. That isn’t the issue. The issue is his hygiene habits. This was not a problem when we first started dating. But now he’s gotten too comfortable. He goes for days, literally DAYS without water touching his ass. I mean, I’m not his mama so I can’t force him to bathe. He is ok with being musty and wearing the same clothes day after day after day and has the nerve to always put clean underwear on his filthy ass. How this affects me is that he always wants me to perform oral sex on him and gets very angry when I refuse. I can smell his dick from feet away. His balls are always moist and sticky and smell SO bad. His dick tastes nasty as hell, it makes me gag. I get shit in my teeth and stuck to my tongue while sucking his dick. To make matters worse, he doesn’t want a regular blowjob. He always tells me “do that nasty shit I like”, which refers to something I started doing to him when he bathed on a regular basis. It includes sucking his balls, licking underneath his balls, and sticking my tongue in his lower ass crack while he lays on his back. The whole ordeal gets my entire face wet. He moans and shakes and loves it, but it is so disgusting and smells so bad that that I’m literally angry while doing it and can no longer enjoy it. He doesn’t give me head but complains and gets really upset when I won’t do it for him. My question to you all, is how should I tell him what the problem is without offending him? I hate confrontation and that’s why I let it go on so long, but he is so nasty and unhygienic, I don’t know what to do. I can’t keep sucking his rancid dick. It tastes like hell. HELP!

The comments to this shit was so fucking funny. I don’t know what kind of advice I would give to this nasty ass, lol. She has been eating shit, licking moist balls and sucking stink dick for almost a year? Man… or should I say Chile BYE? Wait, she said the sex was good. Um…lol


  1. The question to her should be “Why does she hate herself that much, that she would put up with it?” Really? She missed the boat by not complaining sooner. Tell him to take a fucking bath or he gets NOTHING. They learn fast when the risk of losing sex or getting head gets involved. Plus the fucker should be pleasing you as well. I’d kick him out of bed and find a fine ass woman who shaves it all and bathes on a regular basis… You wouldn’t be disappointed. If chicks aren’t your thing. Honesty better be. Tell him to clean up or ship out. And for you, don’t take ANYONE’S shit, literally or otherwise. It brings you to that level by accepting it . Plus it stinks like hell…


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