Would you remarry him?

Reports are saying that Tiger has offered a $200 pre-nup deal to get his ex-wife Elin Nordegren to remarry him. Nordegren already has $110 of Tiger’s money from a divorce settlement.

Nordegren is reportedly willing to take the offer, but only if Tiger agrees to sign and additional $350 million no-cheating clause.

What would you do in this scenario?


  1. She is not worth all that money. I’d never pay her to come back. If I was her though and clearly do not have to work for a living… I’d go for it lol. Marriage is just not what it use to be lol smh.


  2. Tiger has already shown his true colors. If he signs the anti-cheating clause, she should go for it! Relationships are not built thw way they use to be. Unfortunately, people don’t change- they just find new & more inventive ways to cover their tracks. It would only be a matter of time before he is caught up again- and she would have not only the monetary benefits, but MAJOR bragging rights.


    1. I think she has enough money. I am just saying. That would have to be because you really want to be around his ass. Or because you love him sooo much or maybe the fact that he is the kids father. The money…well, she has millions and with 2 kids, she has access to to what he is earning too.


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