The Customer Is NOT Always Right!

No way Jose! She called the woman a “Sand Nigga!” What the fuck? That pissed me off. People really need to stop and chill. I hate going out to eat with people who are too demanding. She is above and beyond demanding though.


I am have no idea why people feel these low-wage earners have time for the bullshit. I order. I say thanks. Oh, and I try to be specific with my order to minimize mistakes. I don’t like to send my food back. I am afraid of spit.

I would NEVER treat someone poorly. Actually, I like to be treated nice and with respect, but I am not a stickler for outstanding customer service. I appreciate it, but I also understand when someone is not having a good day. I also understand that some people should NOT even be working with the public. I choose to not make their issues my issues. If you get my order or what ever it is — right — I am cool. I may never visit a place again though — based on their staff.

What would you have done if you worked at Dunkin Donuts? The staff was outstanding in their response. I would have had an attitude at the very least. She probably would not have received shit, if she treated me that way.


  1. I am cracking up at your fear of spit… but i’m with you on this one! I ain’t being rude to nobody serving my food because I do NOT want no ‘special sauce’ on my shit!


  2. I can’t view the clip, it’s not you it’s me. LOL

    But I’ve been rude once, I order a cheesesteak, and after being repeatly asked did I want ketchup I said no like 7 times, only to get one with ketchup. I threw it back at the guy. I know bad sunny…but I was mad. Looking back on it now, he probably did put “special sauce” on it.

    I grew out of it.

    This lady would’ve gotten cussed out by me, if I was in the line behind her though after that sand nigga comment.


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