I got a peep into an 18 year old’s game!

The other day I was sitting in the car warming it up. This kid comes up to my window and knocks. I didn’t know what he wanted, but I opened the window. It was daytime and I was on my block. He asked for directions. Ok, cool. He wanted to know how to get to the biggest major street in the neighborhood. Everyone knows where this street is —  I would think. He was young though, so I just told him “walk straight, you are going to walk right into it.” He asked a few more questions to be “sure” where he was going. I repeated the information. I figured I would give him the benefit of the doubt, right?

Then he goes “you are pretty.” I thanked him. Okay, cool. That was that. Then he goes “would you date an 18-year-old?” I said, “no, I could never.” He looked in my backseat and saw 2 car seats, lol. That will run a mofo off quick! Nah, let me stop that never happened to me before. But an 18-year-old? Yea, he better run. I have grown up shit going on, lmao. He goes “Oh, you have kids?” I said, “yep, 2 of them.” He started backing away from the car.

I went to the store real quick and got a parking spot on my block again. That is like winning a small lotto prize guys! Why was this kid still out here? He came and knocked on my window again. Okay, now. I thought playtime was over. He said, “can you tell me how to get there again?” I looked at him and said, “just keep walking.” He was about to say something else and I pressed the window-up-button.

This was like 2 weeks ago. This weekend I was in bed working on the computer and my daughter comes into my room. She likes to sit on my nightstand and look out the window. There isn’t much to see. There is a house directly behind my building and you can see their backyard clearly. You can see some other backyards partially. Sometimes people play basketball at the house directly behind my building. My daughter was watching them play. I heard them playing for a while, but I didn’t bother looking. I don’t remember what she said, but I decided to look out the window. Guess who was playing basketball by himself? Yep. He lives right behind me and was asking me for directions.

Now, I have the inside look on 18-year-old  game. LOL.


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