Is this Crazy or Romantic?

Could this be an NYC love story? A guy named Joe met a girl named Eileen in a bar recently, but when she gave him her phone number he copied it down incorrectly.

He’s now searching for his mystery girl Eileen by posting signs all over the Upper West Side explaining his situation.

Read the sign below.

Is this creepy or cute? Maybe Eileen gave him the wrong phone number on purpose!

We will see how this plays out!


How would you feel if you were Eileen? I would be scared, lol. Then again, maybe he was someone she really hoped to speak with again.

What do you think? Is this guy thirsty? Should he have jumped out the window with these signs? Do you think they will meet again? I get the feeling, this guy is just walking around looking around for Eileen on the streets of NYC.


  1. This is soooooo romantic! I love this!! I mean, honestly, Eileen probably did give him a fake number. BUT, if it was that one random time when he actually did copy it down wrong, and she really liked him, then this is soooooo cute!

    One of my good friends actually gave her number to a guy and when he didn’t call, she went to his HOME and taped her number to his front door. Turned out, he ACTUALLY DID copy it down wrong. That was four years ago. Today, they are engaged. 🙂


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