Foolishness Of The Day

I have worked at my job for 3 years. March 19th was the official 3 year mark. This is important because I became “vested” after three years. Which means I am able to take my pension if I wanted. That was important to me. If I leave now, I am going to take that money and open an IRA.

I have never received a raise in these three years. I think that is crazy, but it is a non-profit and they always act like they don’t have any money.

I am totally underpaid, so I try to find value in other areas. My boss allows me to bring my kids to work, if I need to and she allowed me to change my schedule to accommodate my daughter’s schedule. My boss is great. I spoke to my boss about getting a raise. She doesn’t control raises, but she can recommend one with a nice evaluation. My evaluation was great and she recommended a raise. It did not happen. Apparently, there is no money in the budget. I spoke to her boss about it too. He is an asshole, btw. He also said it wasn’t something that would happen now. Okay, cool. I was clear. I also made it clear that I needed more money. At that point, I could complain, leave or stay. I choose to stay. I stay for a few reasons.

Today, my boss told me her boss will be making some changes. Right now, I supervise two positions. One of the positions became vacant and I have the same person covering both roles. He gets paid for both. One position is a Data Entry role and the other is Front Desk/Registrar. Each employee has a budget line where their pay comes from. He gets paid from 2 separate lines. Recently, he reached the max available in the Data Entry line. They told him to only come in for the Front Desk, because there wasn’t enough money to pay him for both. Both of these roles are important for me to do my job. They had this man coming in for 2 hours to do data entry, go home and then come back for 6 more hours to handle the front desk. He didn’t complain. He lives in the area and he received a full 8 hours. Both positions are part-time. He still did the data entry while he sat at the front desk though. I didn’t think this was fair.

The change that is suppose to go in effect: They are no longer going to even have a Data Entry person. They will now give those duties to ME! They aren’t going to find more money to keep him on, they aren’t going to hire someone else, they are going to have ME do it. My boss knows this is some bullshit. I said this to her as well. I didn’t go on and on, but it was just ridiculous. She said her boss is supposed to put it in writing for me. I think they would have to put it in writing, if they are changing my current signed job description.

I am WAITING for this update to my duties. That man has another thing coming, if he thinks I am going to sign anything that changes my duties without compensation. When I wanted a raise, there wasn’t money for ME to get a raise. Even if they found money now to compensate me for the new duties, I still think it is a slap in the face! I have to do more to get paid more? That compensation should have been a raise for the three years, I went without a raise. I hope he isn’t even considering me doing more and getting paid the same. That would be outrageous. Regardless of what he is thinking, I am not doing it. Fire me. 

What would even make him think this would be okay? In his head he may think he solved a problem. I am NOT doing it. It is messed up that my guy may still be doing both jobs — for the same pay. That is on him though. I didn’t ask him to do so. My boss actually made the change when I was out. There wasn’t anything I could do. He never complained to me. I assumed he was cool, even though I know he really is not.

Clearly, it is time for a new job. I actually wanted to make my 3 year mark and I did. I am going to start looking for a new job. I have some loose ends to tie up and then I am going to start putting my résumé out there. Maybe, they will actually find some money for me at that point. I am not even going to be on some sneak shit. I am telling my boss — I am looking for a new job. I like her and I think it is only fair. I have to move on.

What would you say to this bullshit?



  1. It’s all about doing more with less, something most businesses are embracing. Before I retired there were four people doing the work of ten; I hadn’t gotten a raise in like two years – got that no money in the budget line, too, but it’s not like I hadn’t heard that before in my 21 years working there.

    Maybe they’ll find more money so you can have some… but I wouldn’t hold my breath because, these days, very few people are indispensable…


      1. Ya know that’s the truth. So it becomes a question of whether or not you can survive IF you left and that depends on the likelihood of finding a better paying job – and that’s just not a given anymore like it used to be. It’s something I know I had to think about when fussing with them about raises; I could take a hike… but could I get something else paying more… or would I wind up having to take a job at the same pay rate or, gulp, something less than that?

        Scary stuff to ponder these days.


  2. Man that is indeed some BS. I would not have done more work for the same pay. I know times are hard and money is needed but being in an unfulfilling (not compensated enough) job where you’re under-appreciated (not being compensated enough) and possibly will be more stressed about all of this – you should think “How worth it is it?”

    For me….Certainly wouldn’t be! Good luck though sweetie. I really hope things work out in YOUR favor.


  3. Oh my! The story of my life. I swear I am enduring this same bullshit. What makes my situation even worst is I have been at my job for 4 years and have been job hunting for 3 of those 4, lol. I guess it doesn’t make it any better when the county I am in has a 13% unemployment rate.

    I’m rooting for you to to find something better! Do it for those of us who are tired of the bs.


    1. It is crazy. I understand the economy and running a business. But, you kill job morale with this type of thinking. I would rather go on unemployment until my business makes me more money, or until something better comes along.


  4. Unfortunately you might have to charge your job to the game. I know that’s easier said than done because the job market for Black people is a beast. Try to get as much as a raise as possible. Companies do value good employees so you do have that in your favor. Loyalty working for someone never helps.


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