Rick Ross is a Rapist and “You Ain’t Even Know It.”


In the new song, “You Don’t Even Know It,” by Rocko, Future, and Rick Ross, the self-proclaimed boss drops a troubling lyric about rape. He lets the ladies know in no uncertain terms,  what he thinks about them. In his verse, he says “Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it, I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.”

Some may say it’s just music. It is not just music. Here is an excerpt of an article I read today and it summed it up nicely.

“I can assure you that hyper violent and misogynistic verses are more than “just music.”

“Though rappers are not responsible for every crime committed by their listeners, they do contribute to a culture of dysfunction that leads to incidents where young men think it’s perfectly reasonable to have sex with or fondle an unconscious woman, or young women feel that it’s not really rape if you’re too drunk to scream, “No!”

Rick Ross will inevitably be met with the same sort of backlash Lil’ Wayne received when he compared rough sex to the horrific death of Emmet Till. Or maybe not. We are talking about rape after all.”

There is a petition going around about him apologizing and being investigated — if he actually committed rape. It wouldn’t surprise me if he actually drugged a girl with pills. Check it out and sign if it moves you. I signed, but this is so much bigger than one asshole. I want to see how many signatures they can get though.



  1. I’ve heard a lot of rappers say that they don’t condone the kind of behavior they display in their music but here’s a rhetorical question: If you, as a performer, know that there are some people out there who will take your song to heart and commit crimes against society, why do you keep putting music out there like that?

    I know that as a musician and performer myself, I wouldn’t do it. I think some of them kinda conveniently forget that when Ice T and some of the OG rappers were talking about killing cops and the such, people were actually listening and taking it to heart… which is why Ice T and the others changed the tone of their music… yet, some rappers are still talking about bustin’ caps to settle disputes and they continue to demoralize and dehumanize women, as evidenced by this rapper’s lyrics.

    What, dude, you just can’t ask the girl for some pussy… and take it like a man when she says no? Drugging a woman to have sex with her is such a cowardly act…


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