Rush Limbaugh Defends Blacks people!


No, not really. I am actually lying.

Shawty Lo is getting support from an unlikely source today after the Oxygen network decided to pull the plug on his reality show All My Babies’ Mamas before it even aired.

Oxygen had given the show the green light initially to air this spring. It was going to focus on Shawty’s relationships with his 10 babies’ moms and his 11 children.

After the show’s trailer appeared online last month a petition was started by Sabrina Lamb of to get the show cancelled. She argued that the show was a stereotypical representation of African Americans. Their petition had gained more than 40’000 signatures by the Oxygen decided not to air the show.

The conservative pundit has come to Lo’s “defense.”  

“The morality police, the old fuddy-duddies got in gear,” Limbaugh said in regards to the online petition. “The show was simply gonna’ show what it is in terms of this lifestyle and just gonna’ tell everybody what it is.

“Is it any wonder that the star of a show that happens to be Black and has the show pulled out from under him? Well I know none of these kids are more important than the president’s kids, but they’re important to Shawty.”

Whatever that even means. 

I see RIGHT through this guy. Rush is a piece of work. Anything that shows black people in a negative light, he is “all in.”

Lo has since started his own petition begging that Oxygen re-think their decision on grounds that the show is essentially keeping his 11 children off welfare.

You can watch the trailer for the show.


  1. Personally, I’ve had just about enough of all these ‘reality’ shows and people (a) putting their private business out there for all to see and (b) any TV show that doesn’t do being Black any favors so, no, keep it off the air.


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