How many dates until…SEX?

I was asked recently, when I felt it was the right time to have sex. People have all sorts of stipulations, rules and numbers when it comes to that first time. A friend of mind said if she didn’t have sex within 2 weeks, she doesn’t think the girl is interested. Someone else said after 3 dates.

I don’t have a number of dates or a number of months. I just don’t know the answer. I don’t have a 3 month rule either. That means it can be way past 3 months, or it can be the second time I see you. I am just saying. It depends on the vibe and the chemistry.

Some info I found on the topic:

A new survey has revealed some fascinating insights into love in the 21st century. One in five men described ‘expecting’ to sleep with their date if they spend over $100 on dinner.

Men now expect to sleep with a new partner on their third date – but women typically won’t consider it until the fifth, according to an intriguing new study on dating in the 21st century.

On the first date men are most likely to pay for dinner and drinks, with most couples tending to split the bill from the second date on.

By the third date men expect sex and are willing to splash their cash to hurry the romance along.

And remarkably, it works, as seven per cent of women say they would feel ‘obliged’ to sleep with a man who had been so generous.

Also interesting:

Both sexes are now spending small fortunes in a bid to prepare themselves for a date that could end in sex, the study found.

Men typically spend $46.79 on grooming, while women spend $5 less at $41.79.

I don’t think men spend more in preparation for sex or a date. Do you think so?

So when do you have sex with someone new? 1 date…3 dates..6 dates? Or does it have to be a certain amount of time.

What is the expectation?


  1. I guess it varies.. But it’s a turn off when you can sense that the man is ‘expecting’ it.. So, a little advice to the guys : we know you want it, but do yourself a favor and play it cool. Desperation is not going to get you laid.


  2. Depends on who you’re asking; if you’re asking women, well, unless you really impress the hell out of her, don’t expect any sex on the first date. I know when I was dating my wife, it was three months before we had sex. But when I met the woman I’m with now, we kicked holes in the wall to put a nice end to our first date.


  3. I don’t care what anyone spends or expects. It’s not happening until I want it to IF I ever want it to. If I had a number, it would be no less than two months. I wouldn’t count dates. I’d go by the amount of time we’ve put in, and how well we’ve gotten to know each other. And, of course, the chemistry has to be there.
    That being said, my current partner and I definitely got to it pretty quickly. Maybe two weeks in. Haha.


  4. I give a $20 budget with a $50 curve. Anymore than that, then the woman is going to look at you as trying to hard and try to put you in a trick bag. As far as sex, I was dating a virgin and I slept with her a little after a month. I guess that would be a general time frame.


    1. I think that would be a reasonable time frame. I would think a virgin would hold out longer though. Then again being a virgin, sometimes you just have to meet them at the right time, because they have already decided they were finally going to have sex. They are just looking for the sex partner.


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