Sex Is On My Mind…

I think “Sex is on my mind” will be the title of a new segment.

Are we fucking or what?

Yes, I realize this may seem a bit crass — it is an important question though.

I have spoken to women online and in the real world who aren’t having sex. No, not because they just aren’t getting any — they don’t seem to want it. That is fine. I spoke to a woman a few months ago who said she was celibate. Hmmm. Why are people saying this all the time? They just want to sound fancy. They just don’t want to say, “I am not getting any at the moment.”

I don’t have interest in these women. I know it is supposed to be noble. Or some shit. I never met up with the woman who said she was celibate.  She wanted to know why… UM … That is what I want to know too. Why? If I actually like you, I already  know…there will be no sex. It isn’t like I don’t like friends, but I don’t have time for that mess. People are to grown for the foolishness — in my opinion. Are we fucking or what?

Me? I am not celibate, I am single. Period. I can go for periods of time without having sex and I am cool. I can actually go long periods of time. I usually have a lot of things to keep me busy and my focus isn’t on sex.  I am not really the hit and run type — I can be content. If I am having sex…then I am having sex. If I am in a relationship, sex has to be on the table. Period.

That same woman said she wasn’t having sex with anyone until she gets married. She felt like she stayed in her last relationship too long and it was because of the sex. I suppose she doesn’t want sex to cloud her judgement. I can dig it, I really can. I just don’t want to go on that journey with Ms. Celibacy. Bad enough, I am not having sex when there is no one to have sex with. Now, I am going to be in a relationship, with someone and still not have sex? No, maam. Good luck with all of that and I hope it works out.

Then I recently started speaking to another woman. She seems really nice. It was just internet chit-chat though. Oh, by the way there is a cutie in my the business class I am taking. I have my eye on her. We have talked during class and I am trying to feel her out. Anyway, back to internet woman. She is single and we were talking about all sorts of things. Sex came into the conversation and…UM…I don’t know about this either. She was talking all this her body-is-a-temple stuff. I realize I may sound like an asshole. Do, I? I can dig it. My body is a temple too. That is why I don’t smoke crack. LMAO! Nah, let me be serious. I am always joking.

Yea, so this woman is already sounding like…if I met you and I like you…it’s still a no go. I am not saying we should have sex right away or anything. I am just saying, I like to know it is on the table if/when things go in that direction. She too has asked why we haven’t met. No offense, I don’t have time to waste. She does have some really good interests though and I would like a friend with those interests. So, I think we could actually be friends.

What is up with this celibacy…temple stuff.

Would you date someone who has this line of thinking? Or if it is an internet thing, would you still meet up?


8 thoughts on “Sex Is On My Mind…

  1. The whole celibate thing is just a smokescreen. When I was in the dating game, I had a girl insist on not having sex. She was playing “celibate” and wanted me to jump through all these hoops. Of course I charged her to the game because I’m doing all that. Come to find out, she was doing pornos hahaha. Don’t waste time with anyone saying they’re celibate.

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