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The guard, Nancy Gonzalez, has been arrested for taking part in the scheme and could face 15 years in prison. She’s eight months pregnant.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2013, 12:16 PM
Correction Officer Nancy Gonzalez (center), 29, who is accused of having sex with an inmate and who’s having his child, leaves Brooklyn Federal Court located at 225 Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday, February 5. Convicted cop killer Ronell Wilson hatched a plan to avoid the death penalty by impregnating a female guard with his evil seed at the federal jail in Brooklyn. Federal agents arrested the guard, Nancy Gonzalez, at her Huntington, Long Island, home Tuesday. She is eight months pregnant.


A court of appeals in New York threw out Wilson’s death sentence in 2010, after concluding that prosecutors made legal errors during the penalty phase of the trial that ended in Wilson being sentenced to death for the 2003 murder.

Gonzalez, 29, a guard at the Metropolitan Detention Center, was charged with have sexual intercourse with an inmate and is scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon in Brooklyn Federal Court. She faces 15 years in prison if convicted. Wilson, 30, who is facing the death penalty for murdering undercover NYPD detectives Rodney Andrews and James Nemorin during a gun buy and bust, was outed by prison snitches, according to a complaint.


Corrections Officer Nancy Gonzalez, eight months pregnant by convicted cop killer Ronell Wilson, leaves Brooklyn Federal Court on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.

Gonzalez allegedly serviced Wilson while the other inmates were locked down in their cells.

One informant spotted her moving away from Wilson’s cell door while he was standing on the doorway “with his pants down, exposing his genitals.”


Gonzalez admitted the illicit relationship in a recorded telephone conversation with her boyfriend who is incarcerated in state prison. She “kind of got sucked into his world” and she “felt like, well, why not give him (Wilson) a child as far as giving him some kind of hope,” court papers state.


The Daily News front page from March 3, 2003. Ronell Wilson was convicted in the shooting death of two NYPD detectives in Staten Island during a gun buy and bust and once more faces the death penalty.


“I took a chance because I was so vulnerable and wanted to be loved, and now I am carrying his child,” she said. Their hookups occurred over three weekends during which “the sole purpose was to impregnate her,” the complaint states.

Gonzalez became pregnant in June 2012, the complaint says.

Wilson was moved to solitary confinement in August while agents from the Department of Justice’s inspector general’s office launched an investigation.

During Wilson’s 2007 trial for killing the undercover detectives in cold blood, prosecutors introduced a letter he wrote to another inmate, “I just need a baby before this pigz try to take my life. I need to have something behind me.”

Wilson was sentenced to die by a federal jury but the U.S. Court of Appeals overturned the sentence due to prosecutorial error. He still faces life in prison or death by lethal injection when he is resentenced later this year.

In November, a hearing was held on Wilson’s claim that he is mentally retarded and therefore not eligible for the death penalty. A decision from Judge Nicholas Garaufis is pending. It is unclear how Gonzalez’s arrest will affect the mental retardation motion.

“If this was done by design, it’s not the actions of a person who is mentally retarded,” said Michael Palladino, president of the Detectives Endowment Association. “It’s a devious plot to avoid the death penalty.”

Gonzalez reportedly told her boyfriend’s mother that she is ready to “own up to her part of it but by no means is she going to make someone go on death row,” the complaint states.

Federal prosecutors are prepared to argue to a new jury that Wilson remains a danger in prison because of his membership in the Bloods gang and his skill at manipulating prison staff. That makes him a high risk to escape or pass messages to associates on the outside.

What I think!

This is the dumbest muthafucka on the planet. What the hell is wrong with her dumbass? Yes, I am sure she all has sorts of issues and a family life that should be featured on a Lifetime series. You have to have some real issues to do this shit. She had not just one prison inmate, but two prison inmates. I know a good man is hard to find, but damn look where she is looking! She made me mad this morning! She is about to bring a baby into this bullshit? Come on! How on earth did she think getting pregnant and having this man’s baby would be a good thing? I mean really! That is some selfish shit! She wanted to “help” him out — I get it. But, that is so unfair to do to a child. That man is NEVER getting out of jail. The other man she is in a “relationship” with is also in jail. If she goes to jail, who is going to raise this child?

Should she be convicted?


  1. This is a really sad story, but I think it’s really unfair to call his seed “evil” considering that child is a silent victim in all this. Federal charges are really serious, she must be really damaged to believe this story might have had a different outcome.


  2. There are no words for her decision. My heart just hurts for the child that will be entering this madness. I can’t even wrap my mind about how this could be justified in her mind.. be it to save him from the death penalty, to give him hope or because she came from a tough background- there just isn’t a justification in the world that I could side with. Now, she is about to be behind the same bars as the two men she decided to have relations with. I mean, couldn’t have thought this out in full. More than that, does she know how much more likely her child is to now follow in the footsteps of his/her mother and father? smh.. my heart hurts.


  3. It just never fails to amaze me how this happens – and in facilities where it’s not ever supposed to happen. Here at home when this has happened, the COs were terminated, had to stand trial, and were eventually convicted.

    As to where her head was, um, well…


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