Should you be able to sue dating sites?



Mary Kay Beckman was stabbed ten times with a butcher knife by Wade Ridley. The two met on, Beckman is currently suing the site for $10 million.

It was an online dating match made in hell.

A Las Vegas woman is suing for $10 million dollars after being brutally stabbed and beaten by a man she met on the popular dating site.

Introduced to one another via in Sept. of 2010, Mary Kay Beckman, 50, and Wade Ridley, 53, dated for just eight days before Beckman called off their relationship.

Four months later, however, Ridley broke into Beckman’s garage, jumping the mother of two and stabbing her repeatedly with a butcher’s knife before stomping on her head and neck, Fox 5 Las Vegas reported.

“When the police arrested him, he said he wasn’t there to hurt me. He was there to kill me,” Beckman told Fox 5. “His intent was to kill me that night.”

While in police custody, Ridley admitted to killing 62-year-old Anne Simenson, an Arizona woman he’d also met on, in early 2011.

Like Beckman, Simerson was stabbed repeatedly with a butcher’s knife, as well as a machete, at her home. Police in Arizona believe that Ridley used a knife to rob a pharmacy of painkillers shortly before he killed Simerson, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported.


I wouldn’t trust that face. Look at his face… would you????????

Beckman claims that sites like Match should offer warnings to their members about just how dangerous some of the people in their dating pool can be.

“They don’t say one in five are part of an attempted murder or one in five are killed,” Beckman said. “They don’t tell you people are missing.” calls the lawsuit “absurd,” and plans to argue that it can’t be held responsible for the behavior of all of its members.

“The many millions of people who have found love on and other online dating sites know how fulfilling it is,” the company said in a statement. “And while that doesn’t make what happened in this case any less awful, this is about a sick, twisted individual with no prior criminal record, not an entire community of men and women looking to meet each other.”

Beckman’s lawyer, Marc Saggese, told KLAS that ads for the dating site give consumers no sense of the risks involved with online hook-ups.

“The basis of the lawsuit is the advertising that is utilized by, lulling women and men into a false sense of security,” Saggese said.

What I think…

This woman is out of her damn mind. What happened to her was brutal; it really is. is NOT responsible though. If this woman wins her case, it would be crazy for the people who run/own the dating sites. It would be bad for business. I heard people saying, the site should run background checks. I think that would be fine for users, but it really wouldn’t mean someone won’t try to kill you.

This murderer didn’t have a criminal background. So, there would have been no way to know until he tried to kill you. He looks like a junkie and I don’t even know how she hung out with him for 8 days. Look at him! Also, that damn woman was in her 50’s. She was well aware of the risks. She knew she could meet a crazy person. We all know the risks. The site did not need to tell her to  be careful.

I know Craigslist has warnings all over their site. If you are buying something, they warn you not to wire money, if you are looking for a date, they warn you about giving out personal information and they even warn you about STDS. Wasn’t there a Craigslist serial killer some years back? Yea…

I remember meeting a man to buy something once. I gave the man my address guys! After I did, I wrote a note with the person’s name, the website and why I was meeting him. I just put all the information I had in a little note. I left it in the kitchen drawer. I figured, if he killed me someone would be searching my house at some point. I knew full well, I should not have done that stupidness. It could have ended up with me being dead. I am glad it didn’t work out that way. 

Should dating sites be liable if someone gets hurt and/or killed?


  1. It’s all about taking responsibility for your game. She knows no one else was checking for her. She went on a date with a crazy dude out of desperation and that’s the result. Online dating is officially dead. It went down pretty fast. Last year I was meeting quality women online.


  2. Just this morning I seen a commercial, laughed and shook my head and said to myself, “Should y’all really still be advertising”?

    I don’t blame them though nor think that a site should be sued. To me it’s pretty commonsensical: dating sites don’t screen ppl nor can they. If they do, they might as well go out of business if they’re saying that ppl with criminal records shouldn’t date.


  3. I’m not a lawyer but I don’t see how they can be held liable in such situations. Just as “normal” dating, it’s something you do at your own risk and the danger of online dating is that you might be contacted by someone, have numerous conversations with them, and still have no idea who (or what) they are; the Internet makes it so easy for a person to hide their intentions. might make it possible for people to meet via their matching process… but after that, it’s up to the matched people to decide and determine if meeting each other is warranted so after does their thing, you’re on your own after that so while what happened to this woman was quite brutal and she’s lucky to have survived the attack, I don’t think her lawsuit will be successful.


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