The 80’s crack era is back

I wrote this on Facebook yesterday:

The 80’s crack era is back and it is targeting our youth. “Molly” and all the other “popular” drugs are here. When I was a kid, smoking crack wasn’t cool. People need to stop promoting these drugs and putting money in the pockets of these reckless promoters as well.

Watching this video just reiterated what I believe. People who are taking these drugs now do not see the after effects yet. They are going to get so caught up in the drug life; it will be hard to turn it around. In the 80’s it was all fun and excitement with the coke/crack addicts. Until they realized they were addicted and there wasn’t anything fun or exciting at that point.

I grew up in the ’80s/’90s and I remember what crack was doing to the people. I remember walking to school and stepping over crack vials. They were everywhere! Little plastics tubes with colorful tops. I told my paternal grandmother what they were and she was shocked. She had no idea what they were and didn’t know I knew what they were either. She thought they were the little poison things shoe companies put in new shoes.

Even today, I see the effect of the 80’s in certain neighborhoods. I see older people who are still addicted or just look addicted. They have no teeth and will probably never have a life.

If people think drugs are recreational — they have another thing coming.

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