What if you don’t like animals, can you date an animal lover? Personally, I do not like cats. I can’t stand them. Sorry, to my cat readers, I still like you though. My neighbor had a cat on our fire escape and I couldn’t take it.

I have met women and as soon as they say they have a cat, I automatically think “this isn’t going to work.”

What if you are allergic? Would you still date someone with an animal? Will you ask them to keep the animal away from you? I have seen this so many times. I always wonder, “why did you do this to yourself?” 

I met women who ARE allergic themselves and they still have pets. They keep the animal in separate rooms, sweep, dust, mop and clean all the time due to the cat. Again, why are you making your life complicated? 

I am not allergic to cats — they creep me out. I couldn’t imagine getting with someone and asking them to get rid of their pet. That is their pet. Who would I think I am?

I think for me, it is safe to say, it wouldn’t work out. We can be friends, but please DO NOT leave cat hairs all over me and my things. Ugh!


  1. I never thought about this before. It never occurred to me so I really don’t even know how to tackle this.

    I’m a cat-lover so we got beef there- big time! And 1 of the reasons I like cats is that they keep rats away. My grandma has like 8. I can’t stand dogs however.


  2. I do NOT like animals. I would never, ever be able to make it work with someone who does. I have a friend who is an animal lover, and when she starts going on about her 15 dogs, I take that time to have big bites of my sandwich, or think about the things I have to do later. She knows I don’t care, but she’s a talker, so I let her go for it. I’m just not encouraging it.
    My partner is okay with animals, but she doesn’t love them. She knows I can’t stand them, so she’s accepted that there will be no pets. Except maybe some fish. But nothing running around the house, shedding hair, costing me money. No way.


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