Rabbi’s can get it too!


A once-respected religious counselor in New York City‘s ultra-orthodox Jewish community has been sentenced to 103-years in prison for molesting a girl, beginning when she was 12-years old. I have been keeping up with this trial. I wanted to see if he was actually going to be convicted. I have always felt there was abuse going on in their community. Any community and or religion that oppresses their women — means abuse in my eyes.

Nechemya Weberman, 54, who worked as an unlicensed therapist in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, showed no reaction to the judge’s sentencing on Tuesday that followed an emotional testimony by his victim, now aged 18.

‘I clearly remember how I would look in the mirror. I saw a girl who didn’t want to live in her own skin, a girl whose innocence was shattered, a girl who couldn’t sleep at night because of the gruesome invasion that had been done to her body,’ the accuser told the court.

She said she was ‘a sad girl who wanted to live a normal life but instead was being victimized by a 50-year-old man who forced her to perform sickening acts again and again.’

She had testified that Weberman abused her repeatedly behind his locked office door from the time she was 12 until she was 15.

Weberman was convicted last month on all 59 counts, including sustained sexual abuse of a child, endangering the welfare of a child and sexual abuse.

Secrets: Weberman was a religious counselor in New York City's ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn before found guilty in DecemberSecrets: Weberman was a religious counselor in New York City’s ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn before found guilty in December. The trial put a spotlight on the ultra-orthodox community in Brooklyn and its strict rules that govern clothing, social customs, and interaction with the outside world.

Both Weberman, 54, and the accuser belonged to the Satmar Hasidic sect.

The teen and her family have been harassed and ostracized, reflecting long-held beliefs that any conflict must be dealt with from within. During the trial, men were arrested on charges they tried to bribe the accuser and her now-husband to drop the case. Others were accused of snapping photos of her on the witness stand and posting them online. She expressed hope that by coming forward, she could give strength to other victims of sexual abuse.

Her school had ordered her to see Weberman because she had been asking questions about her religion and was dressing immodestly in violation of the sect’s customs, and it was believed she needed to be helped back on the right path.

Locked away: The victim testified that from the time she was 12-years-old until she was 15 Weberman abused her behind his locked office door

Reaction: Like Weberman, his wife Chaya Golda Weberman, seen arriving at the Brooklyn Supreme Court on Tuesday, showed no emotion to his sentencing

Reaction: Like Weberman, his wife Chaya Golda Weberman, seen arriving at the Brooklyn Supreme Court on Tuesday, showed no emotion to his sentencing

Weberman wasn’t a licensed counselor but spent decades working with couples and families in his community.

There was no physical evidence of abuse.

The court received dozens of letters from supporters of the defendant who described his life in the community as a counselor and a father. Nechemya Weberman is innocent of the crimes charged,’ defense attorney George Farkas insisted at the sentencing. On Tuesday Weberman said ‘no thank you’ when asked if he wished to speak. He and his wife had no visible reaction to the sentence. The top charge carried a sentence of 25 years; he got consecutive terms for some of the other charges.

Attorney Stacey Richman said the case boiled down to a simple ‘he said, she said,’ and the girl was a petulant, calculating liar. ‘The only evidence in this case of sexual abuse is the word of’ the accuser, Richman told jurors. ‘She’s making things up in front of you as they occur.’ Weberman’s lawyers also claim that he had been business partners with the girl’s parents and that the families had a falling out.

But the jury took just hours in December to convict Weberman on all counts.

The Satmar Hasidic community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, rallied around the rabbi – sponsoring fundraisers to pay for his legal defense.

The community numbers around 250,000 – the largest sect of its type outside of Israel. The group has its own ambulances, volunteer police and rabbinical courts, and they are discouraged from going to secular authorities.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said he hoped the case would persuade other victims to come forward.

Hynes has been accused of overlooking crimes in the community because he was too cozy with powerful rabbis, a charge he vehemently denies.


  1. Wow! Talk about support and trusting. I don’t put nothing pass nobody, not even those that claim to be holier than Jesus. What about the girl? And if in fact she was telling the truth, those are permanent scars she has to live with for the rest of her life.

    The statement that concerned me the most was how they pointed out, “dressing immodestly in violation of the sect’s customs” I guess they probably think this is also what caused the problems along with the families “falling out”.

    Now I’m no psychologist, but I like to pretend to be sometimes. At the ripe, young age of 18 and considering her history (from what she is confessing in the courts) I find it hard to believe that she could get-over and move forward with her life so soon, after the fact. I’m a little confused… I mean… she’s married?! ~> “the accuser and her now-husband ” I always thought that people (in general) would have a hard time trusting people when or after things of this nature has occured in their life. Maybe I’m stereotyping but I have never seen a snap-back that quickly. Just saying.


    1. She has definitely not gotten over anything. She is still dealing with this everyday, especially during that long trial. She is married now, but that is also probably because of her religion. They marry their girls off young. She was threatened and everything by people of HER community. They are calling her a liar. That man made her suck him off for years and fondled her as well. I mean, come on. How can someone just pop back to normal after going through that at such a young age.

      Her parents are stupid too. Everyone is so damn brainwashed in the religion. How could they send their child to be alone with a man for 4 hours over and over? What did they think he could really do? Normal therapy sessions don’t even last that one.

      They are supposed to wear those super thick tights and she didn’t like them. She didn’t wear them and they kept sending her to the principle’s office. She also questioned GOD. So, in their eyes she was a problem child. Really? Damn. That bullshit thinking is what lead them to send this child to this fake-ass therapist. That whole culture is a breeding ground for abuse.


  2. Willamsburg!? I was expecting Crown Heights since that’s like the largest Jewish hub in the city.

    I’m surprised they even arrested him. Jews run the world basically. The richest ppl in Earth, so I doubt this will go anywhere. Even if they do convict him, he won’t go to jail. Sneak through the back door type of scenario.


      1. What I mean was, sure he can be sentenced to go to prison, but will he actually go or slip through the back door and released? We don’t know that. You will never find a jew in prison. It is unheard of and you eluded to that. They may get convicted and sentence just to put up a front in public, but they’d be whisk away back into society or back to Israel without anyone knowing. This is common knowledge. Well not common, but you get the point. The jews own the media in America. Every network is ran by Jew; small or large. US Prison system ran by Jews, Wall Street ran by Jews, US presidents controlled by Jews (Israel). Israel runs America and everyone knows this, that’s why America could never defy Israel in anyway. So once this Jewsish rabbi contacts Netanyahu (prime minister of Israel), he will be freed immediately. He won’t even have to go to that extent, but that goes to show that Jews run the world, and if there’s a case where a Jew gets arrested, it’s just a political stunt and a sham or front for political purposes.


          1. Definitely not making excuses, but the thing ppl have to realize is that in Israel, or in any Orthodox Jewish societies, what the Rabbi did wasn’t a crime.

            In Israel today and in any Islamic society in the middle east, messing with a 12 year old isn’t a sin, isn’t a crime nor is it illegal.

            Once a little girls hits her Bet Mitzva, or a boy reaches his Bar Mitzva, he or she is an adult.

            And Bar/Bet Mitzvas happens at puberty.

            Puberty signifies adulthood in the Bible, Quraan and The Bagvatar Gitva (of the Hindus).

            Once someone hits puberty, they are an adult, meaning they are old enough to have sexual relations.

            This is how it it is Israel, Middle East, Entire Africa and India.

            So that’s why you can commonly find a 40 year old man in Israel dating a 13 year old girl. As long as she’s had her Bet Mitzva (puberty/menstruation), she’s an adult.

            American and American socirty may see this as abominable and criminal, but remember; the Bible sanctions this. All those prophets of the Bible had underage wives and baby mamas.

            Point I’m saying is, this Rabbi will appeal to the Israeli consulate under the obvious claim that he wasn’t doing anything wrong according to Biblical/Rabbinic law or the Torah. And he’ll be freed, since once again, Israel controls America in every way.

            But once you understand the societal reasoning behind these things, you’ll realize that the Rabbi didn’t feel that he was doing anything wrong according to his faith.


          2. Another thing to I want to point out with the bias of the American justice system.

            An America would get off the hook for violating a law in other countries around the world, but one who is not American would never get away with violating a law in America.

            For example, where I’m from (the Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda), including the entire Caribbean region, gay sex is ILLEGAL to the fullest. You will literally get hung for engaging in illegal sexual activities (gay sex). It’s a serious crime in the Caribbean called Buggary. Lesbianism is accepted and not illegal in the Caribbean, since technically, 2 girls cannot have penetration. But man on man is illegal and you will get hung or life in prison for it.

            My point is this, gay American couple male couples would come here and engage in gay sex, basically breaking the law by walking down the street arm in arm.

            They will get arrested, however freed instantly with a slap om the risk and just warned that it’s highly illegal and try not to continue doing it here.

            But if a local was to do that, he will be imprisoned immediately and keys thrown away.

            So the laws here and in other parts of the world take into account someone’s background and the region he’s from, and he will be treated with leniency since gay sex isn’t illegal in America.

            But someone who isn’t American cannot be in America and break the law and get off, eventhough what he did isn’t illegal in the region he’s from (nor to his religion).


            1. I do understand what you are saying. I have no idea, why people always like to put pedophilia with being gay. I had this same conversation with this guy on FB today. He thinks its all the same. If you you have sex with children, it should be a crime everywhere. but, unfortunately it is not. And men all over the globe are fucking kids over, more than one way. They will never be the same and they are ruined forever. I have seen it time and time again in adult women I meet today. They are never whole.


            1. That is the thing, they go to their own fake courts, they have their own fake police and their own bias rules. They like to deal with everything “in-house.” This was nuts that it even went this far. Really, the District Attorney has been under fire for not prosecuting the Hasidic/Jewish people. He did this because he HAD too. Now, again, I want these charges stick. Their rules and ther rules of Israel should NOT apply here. Let’s see how this plays out. Then again, we will NEVER see if they free this pig.

              There was another big hoopla in the news about the Orthodox Jews recently. When they have their circumcision ceremonies, which I think they call a Bris, they use their mouths to stop the bleeding. I never knew this and I find it unhygienic. The NYC Department of Health thinks so too. They said there have been fatal infant deaths because they contracted herpes from the Rabbis. Of course, not all of the babies will not died or will die, but they have infected many babies with this ritual. The Department of health says they can continue to do ritual, but they have to give the parents written notice that their child may contract the disease. The Jewish people said the state was infringing on their religious beliefs. Well, the court rules in the Sates favor Personally, I think this was a bold move for the state and I also think they were right. In reality, parents are probably going to continue. They would still let those grown men, who are doing lord knows what with their mouths, put their mouth on their child’s penis.

              The Department of Health now warns parents on their site.

              Here is one story about the whole deal.

              There were many stories and instances.I know I went went a bit off topic, it all ties in. The same rules should apply to everyone when it concerns children. If they are letting men put a babies genitals, they are starting this shit as soon as the children are born. I’m just saying. If they know the risks and still do it, they probably know these men are fucking their kids too.


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