This is an anonymous question from a lesbian page:

When I met my gf a stud, she was and still is very fine but has two missing teeth(Close to the front) she said she was going to get some caps, but it’s six months later and still missing. Call me shallow but I’m turned off by this. What kind of grown ass woman walks around without her teeth? She said that Medicaid doesn’t cover that but why did she lie and say she was getting it fixed? Am I wrong for wanting her to get her mouth right?

Is she being shallow?


  1. If she were shallow, she wouldn’t be dating her at all. She clearly takes pride in her partners appearance to some extent.. but I would have to agree with her. I know for sure, that is something that would bother me.
    But complaint without action (even on her part) is a little pointless. She’s your girl? You love her? Help her out! Research, save money lol.. do something. If there’s nothing that can be done, just deal with it. I’m sure the girlfriend doesn’t love having two teeth missing.


  2. When she said “caps”, she meant like gold caps (which is so tacky) like those retards in the South, or she meant like actual fillings with artificial teeth?

    As far as shallow, this is a tough one.


      1. Lol funny thing is, a lot of Guynese ppl, including the women, wear gold caps and stuff. It’s widespread. Maybe if you were from East Flatbush area you would notice. But it’s tacky though.


  3. I have to agree with her on this. Your teeth have got to be right. I mean, it’s your MOUTH. You show your teeth off all the time. And you bring your mouth to mine.!
    Yes, it’s a superficial thing, but it’s one of those things… If it bothers you, it bothers you.


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