Men in sweatpants…

I need some opinions and you guys are great when I have something on my mind.

I hope to hear from men and women, but I really want to hear what the men have to say.

My daughter has a Gym teacher at her school; lets call him “Mr. B.” For some reason I don’t know why, I don’t care for him. I just get a vibe. It may be because of his sweatpants, I am not certain. My daughter likes him; she loves gym. He isn’t really friendly with me, but he is friendly with the kids including my daughter.

Mr B. is always in sweat pants. He is a gym teacher, so I suppose that is acceptable. Today he was outside when I dropped my daughter off and I saw him in his sweat pants; I could see his penis. I have noticed his imprint before as well.

Is this acceptable?  Am I just looking? I don’t really think the kids notice his penis. I am not certain. There is something about seeing his penis imprint that makes me uncomfortable. Yes, I know you can sometimes see a guy’s penis if he is wearing sweatpants. Generally, it doesn’t bother me. But, shouldn’t he be wearing….I don’t know…pants that don’t show his penis so easily, when he is working with kids? He could wear a longer shirt, no? Or a different type of pants, one that was still comfortable, right?

I can imagine him doing jumping jacks or whatever they do in gym and his penis is just bouncing around. There is another gym teacher, who I like and I never noticed his penis. I am not even sure what kind of pants he wears. Unfortunately, the other teacher doesn’t teach my daughters class. I am dying for her turn to get the other teacher.

What do you guys think about this situation?

Should I say something to the principal?

Should I address my concerns?

Am I over reacting?

Chime in…


  1. I can understand that a gym teacher’s ‘uniform’ can be sweats; however, I would think that this guy would, at the least, wear a jock to keep his junk from being so noticeable. I have no doubts in my mind that the kids have noticed it; kinda hard for them not to after a fashion because kids do pick up on such things and unless it freaked them out, a parent would never find out about it.

    Should you talk to the school about it because it makes you uncomfortable? I’d say yes IF your child has noticed it and it really bothers you that she did notice it and she’s bothered by it (but didn’t mention it to you for kid reasons) – I’d not want to be in your shoes if/when you ask her about this – that could be an interesting and equally uncomfortable conversation.

    Are you overreacting? Maybe… and then only because lesbians and dicks aren’t exactly on the best of terms, to be kinda polite about it. I’m not saying you’ve never seen one but I’d ask if your, ah, discomfort with this has to do with an innate dislike for the male member?

    Okay, as you probably know, some guys can’t hide that print no matter what they do; lord knows I’ve tried to hide mine and, early on, it made me uncomfortable to know that others could see the print. However, I realized that no matter what I wear under my pants, I can’t make it go away… but I never do anything to, um, what’s the best way to say this… advertise stuff.

    Maybe he’s comfortable with his junk flapping in the breeze but propriety kinda suggests that he do something to not put on a “show” for those young and impressionable minds.


    1. Kdaddy, you’re always over reacting and taking a feminine stance of such topics.

      I’m not trying to be an asshole, but I’m always under the impression that you’re pro-women more than pro-men.

      I feel you’re blowing shit up for no reason.

      Is the gym teacher gonna bend 1 of those little girls over and bang them (at the gym)? I don’t think so.

      This isn’t a big deal. As a man, I find it strange that you’re coming off as totally feminine in this case (and others).

      And don’t bring up the, “well if you had a daughter you would say otherwise”. I do have a daughter, but to jeopardize someone’s job (the gym coach) just based on perception (Brooklyn Lesbian noticing this), would be unfair. The kids don’t seem to be complaining.


      1. This isnt about being pro women or pro men.
        I don’t know who else noticed it. I just know that I did. I’m just saying shouldn’t he wear a longer shirt or something? The Kids are Dick level to this guy. I’ve seen the kids, my daughter included run Up to him and hug him. I’m not feeling it. I watched to see how he handled the hug and he shifted the kids to the side.


    2. I’m not going to ask my daughter, because if she didn’t notice it, she would now. As a lesbian, I really have no problems with a penis. It’s not like I haven’t seen one and seeing one doesn’t make me uncomfortable. After all I love gay porn, lol. But seriously, I really don’t know if I’m over reacting. I know I’ve seen my daughter hug him and a woman teacher and I put a quick stop to it. She should not be hugging the teachers.


  2. I’m pretty sure other people have noticed this before. I wouldn’t go crazy to the school. Why not just talk to him directly? If it’s bothering you that much you’re going to do something. I would start with that first


    1. How am I going to approach him? “Mr B, I noticed when you wear sweatpants, I can see your penis imprint. Can you do something about it?” LOL…I’m saying. I don’t want to make a big deal, I just want to address it.


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