I’ve been stolen…

I saw people posting a picture of a missing little girl on the social networks yesterday; I did not click on or read the story. Today I read about them finding her and thought I would  share.

A little girl (5) was abducted from her school in Philadelphia — right out of her classroom! I would sue the pants off of the school and all parties who were negligent. A woman walked into the school, signed some “scribbles” on the visitors log, went to the child’s classroom and took the right child out! She told the school she was her mother and she was taking her to breakfast. She then proceeded to walk right out of the building! Can you imagine?

After learning her child was missing, the mother said “I am sick, I am distraught and I just want my baby to come home. Bring my baby home.”

The suspect apparently knew and targeted the girl. The little girl went willingly with the woman. Kids are so damn gullible. I wish that child would have said “that is not my mother!” You know this is going to lead to another one of those conversations with my children, right? I might be scaring my own kids man. I feel I need to take every opportunity to warn my kids about predators.

School officials say when a parent or guardian arrives at the school to pick up a child, they must go to the principal’s office, leave an ID and wait for the child to be escorted to the principal’s office.

School district spokesman Francisco Gallard said there appeared to have been a “serious break in procedure.”

After being taken from school she was found at 4am in the morning, by a man walking to work. The man said she was in a playground sitting on the ground, wet, cold, bare-footed and half-naked. She was only wearing a T-shirt and said she had been “stolen.”

They don’t know where the child was or what occurred during her disappearance. The woman was able to get away with this because the woman was in FULL Muslim garb; you know, with only their eyes showing. The child is Muslim and her mother also wears the Muslim garb.

The child’s grandfather said “all she knows was she was in a house and someone released her in a park and told her to run and call the police. “We don’t know who the person was but we believe there is a danger in this community with people preying on children.”

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