Can you jump double dutch? Michele Obama sure can!

Check her out!

She is such a regular woman. I used to jump double dutch as a kid. I haven’t done so in years, but in the summer time I am always tempted to ask the kids on the street for a “jump.” I think I will do just that this summer. Lets us hope I don’t buss my ass in front of the kiddies.


  1. Yeah, I used to double dutch back in the day; it was even considered a status symbol if, as a guy, you could do it – and while the girls turning the rope were trying to get you jacked up.

    If I tried it today, I’d probably get tangled up in the rope, fall and break my hip while strangling myself with the rope that managed to get around my neck…


      1. As they say, some things are like riding a bike; once you learn, you never forget… but I don’t know about this one! I saw a commercial with the folks double dutching… and I could just feel myself doing a face plant on the sidewalk…

        So, if you do it, wear a helmet and pads!


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