Dramatic Exes…Continued…

I was so glad to be done with this girl. I was just enjoying single life. The friend I threw the party with…was happy I was finished with her too. She was still in her relationship, so the 3 of us would hang out sometime. Actually all 4 of us used to hang out together, until I broke up with Ms. Dramatic.

My friend’s girl was weird about our friendship too. Again, my friend and I were just friends. More like family really. My cousin was her little sister’s God-Mother. We didn’t know that when we met though. She came to my house one day and saw a picture of my cousin and asked how I knew her…lol. Then we realized her mom and my older cousin grew up together. When her mom had her little sister, my cousin became the God mother.

My friend, lets call her “Lucy” told me her girl thought we had something going on. I blew it off. I didn’t have time for the foolishness  I was there the night they met; I thought she was cool. I had no issues with their relationship. We all hung out together. Back then, we used to party a lot and her girl may have felt a way about us always being out. But, we used to spend time with who ever we were dating too. Or we would bring them along and all hang out together. I didn’t feel there was a problem. We knew the truth and paid no attention to the rest.

Although her girl had an issue with us, she was “cool” when we hung out. I decided I would ignore the accusations. I would be out of line to say anything to her girl anyway. As long as she didn’t bring any insecure drama to me — I was cool. I let my friend deal with her woman. We will call her girl “Mary”. Mary and Lucy had a rocky relationship. They would physically fight and shit. I have had to break their fights up. They were both jealous and were both bi. Well, Mary called herself a lesbian and was mad when Lucy considered herself bi, because they were together for years. My friend never said she was a lesbian though. Never. She dated women exclusively, but never claimed to be a lesbian. Mary hated that shit with a passion. Mary’s ass was bi too though. So, it was all really stupid and I tried to stay out of it as much as possible. They had a crazy love-thing going on.

I remember one night the whole thing came to a head; I was trying to avoid it all. One night the 3 of us went out for Lucy’s birthday. We pretty much just planned to go to the club, drink and then get something to eat.

Anyway, we went to the club and everything was cool. Once I got in the club, I went my own way. I wasn’t really with them all night. I would float back to where they were, or where ever they ended up. Just a normal night. We are not the type to be up under our friends in the club. I actually hate that shit. I want to look around..move around…talk…just be able to see very well, lol.

I was under the assumption they were having a good time without any issues. I am not really sure though. When we got back to the car, my friend told me to sit in the front. So, I sat in the front. I think I sat in the front on the way to Manhattan too. I am almost certain; I am not  positive though. I know for certain I was in the front on the way back to Brooklyn.

Mary was pissed about me sitting in the passenger seat. I was oblivious; but, I was also drinking. I am so used to sitting in the front anyway. I would usually be sitting there giving directions and chit-chatting. Lucy always sat in the front in my car too. I sat my ass down and closed my eyes. I would usually sit in the back if I am riding with a couple. But, she told me to sit in the front — so I did. I figured she needed directions or something. When were about to pull off, I realized there was going to be trouble. Mary was in the back stewing. I was sitting in the front seat with her girl…in her girl’s car.

Mary said something about “this being some bullshit.” They started arguing and I told Lucy to pull over and let me get in the back. I told them I had a headache and it really wasn’t a big deal. Lucy said, to stay where I was. They were going on and on and getting louder and louder. Mary said “how the fuck is she sitting in the front and I am your girl?” Lucy said “you are my girl, but this is my car… just chill.” Oh man, I was like they are about to start fighting and crash this shit. I should just walk to Brooklyn.

I told Mary I would get out and switch with her at the next light. Mary said “Nah, stay there…she is YOUR girl anyway.” I said “come on, chill with all of that, you can sit where you want.” She said “No, fuck it. Stay there. You guys are trying to play me and I am tired of this shit.” I said “I am not trying to play you or disrespect you. It is really not that serious to me.” She said “Fuck you!” I was like “whatever, man.” I decided there was no point in talking anymore. I wanted to go home and sleep. It was too late to be in the middle of their bullshit. Mary was in the back seat yapping all the way home. My friend kept telling her to “shut the fuck up.” I really don’t know what I missed while they were in the club. I just wanted to get something to eat. But, the whole vibe was messed up. So, I had to starve. Lucy kept saying “it’s my birthday, I can do what I want to do. Stop making everything all about you.”

I understood why Mary was mad. I really did. But, I just didn’t have time for it. When we pulled up to the front of my house, she said “If you two are not fucking now — you were fucking. You guys have a thing going on. You bring your girl around and she brings me around and you guys are just laughing at us. You guys are sneaking around and acting like nothing is going on.”

I said “If I wanted to laugh at you, I wouldn’t have to fuck your girl to do so. Do you think you are that THAT important to me? I sat here and listened to you curse me out. I didn’t say shit to you, because I know you guys are still going to be together. I don’t want to disrespect you. I figured I would just let the night end and let you two handle your shit. If you don’t understand our friendship — what ever.”

Mary said “You guys think you are so slick. You are fucking my girl!” *Woah* I couldn’t let that go; she had finally come right out and said it to me. I felt like we had to put an end to this shit tonight. I said “If I was fucking your girl, she wouldn’t be your girl. She would be MY girl and you wouldn’t exist! Why the fuck would I be fucking her and hanging out with you? Why would I talk to you” That makes no fucking sense. If I was fucking your girl, you wouldn’t even be in this fucking car. If you don’t trust your girl, that is on you. But, trust me, I am not fucking anyone in this car!”

Then Mary hit me. Yup! I jumped over the back seat and we were tussling and fighting. My friend was pissed it had come to this. We were in front of my building. People were outside. I lived on a main Brooklyn Street. People were looking in the car. My grandmother found out about it. My cousin saw the commotion out her window. Lucy grabbed Mary and told me to get out. She was literally in the middle of us and mind you this was like a Honda Civic. Tight. Mary vowed to fuck me up. Whatever. I figured she wouldn’t come at me with that “I’m fucking her girl bullshit” again!

This happened years ago and guess who I aw this summer? Yep, I saw Mary @ a Gay Pride Picnic in Brooklyn. She didn’t say anything to me and I didn’t say anything to her either. I sent Lucy a text saying “I saw your ex-boo, but I didn’t speak.” She asked me “why not?” I said because she didn’t speak to me.” She said “fuck her.” LOL

I bet you guys are thinking, what does this have to do with the Dramatic Ex…right?

Stay tuned to find out!


  1. WOW! Mary was bugging on some extra shit! I hope she got that jealousy issue under control. I’m anxiously awaiting for the remainder of this story.


  2. What the hell?! Mary is crazy as all hell. She must have some sort of complex. Who ever thinks, man, these two friends are probably getting it on and bringing their significant others out with them to laugh at them. WTH?! Hahahaha. She is friggin’ OFF.


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