Dramatic Exes…

I was reading Silencevssound’s post.

I talked about this particular ex before. I never finished the story and that post reminded me to do so.

So after she called my mom and told her how much she loved me on the phone, she decided to pop-up at my mom’s house. I was in the bedroom reading a book and watching “L word.” I didn’t know she called because my mother was on the phone at the time. I guess she would have told me when she got off her phone call.

All I know is the doorbell rang. I didn’t bother getting up because I didn’t get company at my mother’s house, — unless they came with me. No one came to see me. My mom was upstairs and she was closer to the door anyway. My mom came to the room and told me she was at the door. I said okay. I didn’t budge. She came back down again and told me to open the door. I said NO. I did not invite her and I didn’t want her there. My mom said that wasn’t right and I should let her in. I had already told my mother we broke up. I didn’t go into the story, but she was clear on the fact that it was over.

My mother was getting on my damn nerves though. I told her she should let her in if she’s so important. All I know is when I went upstairs ol’ girl was sitting on the couch. She was telling my mother some shit about me not talking to her. My mom looked like she thought I was wrong. I went back to the room; she was clearly not there to see me.

She came downstairs and sat on the bed. I was still reading my book and watching T.V. and I completely ignored her existence. Then she had the nerve to get an attitude and said “so, you are not going to talk to me?” I said “If I wanted to talk to you, I would have called you or invited you over.” She was mad. Whatever. I don’t know wtf she thought!

She tried to touch me and I acted like her hand had a virus.  She stayed there for like 30 more minutes in silence. Then she said she wanted her cell phone. She had given me her cell phone. I lost my phone  in the midst of planning a party @ a club. I started using hers and she told me to keep it. I was happy because I needed a way to keep in touch with people. I could have bought one, but she told me I could have it. It was a new phone, so she really didn’t have any numbers in it yet and only a few of her people knew the number. I had so many numbers saved in that phone. I was networking my ass off and everything was in the phone. Now, she wanted the phone back and the party was in a week. I was like Ugh! Okay, cool. I told her she could have the phone, but give me a minute to write my numbers down.

She said “No, I want it now!” I thought she was being unreasonable.  I had the phone for months, she knew I put a lot of money into the party and I all the contacts I had stored. Not.Her.Problem. Damn, she came over for drama! I knew my mother should have left her ass in the hallway. I had no problem giving her phone back. But, I could bring it to her later. Nah, she wanted it now and didn’t even need it. *Le Sigh*

I decided to go into my mother’s room and lock the door. I wanted to write my numbers down real quick. Then she could take the phone. Do you know this girl was banging my mother’s door like she was the police? I ignored her, but I also didn’t want any problems. I asked her to stop. She refused! My mother was mad and telling us to cut it out, before we broke her door. I wasn’t the one carrying on though —  it was her guest. She was acting really ignorant and irate, so I opened the door. I refused to give her the phone, but I told her to calm down. There was no need to act this way. She just wanted some attention, because I had ignored her…her calls and her presence. She tried to grab the phone out of my hand, but I told her I would give it to her later. I was trying to keep the phone away from her ass. So, I am like dodging her every time she tried to grab it.

She continued the yelling and the carrying on. My mother came back downstairs and she was over this whole thing. I told her she needed to go. I went in the room and closed the door. I think I wanted to change my clothes, or get something. I am not sure. Maybe, I just wanted her to stay out. She came in and she was crying, yelling and telling me I am acting like I don’t care about her at all. I told her it was irrelevant how I acted — we were done. She kept telling me loved me. She kept trying to kiss me. She grabbed my hand and tried to put in her in panties. I pulled my hand away. “Wtf was wrong with her?” She wanted us to “make love one more time.” Nah, I’m good. She  got mad and pushed me. She tried to dig in my pockets to get the phone. She couldn’t find it and tried to hit me. I pulled back. She grabbed my shirt and stretched it out with her foolery. She was pulling on me and trying to fight. She was really carrying on. I didn’t hit her though. I just held her back and told her to stop trying to fight me. With the way she was carrying on, I was well within my right to slap the shit out of her. LMAO! Nah, I wouldn’t hit her though. She was really petite and I thought it wouldn’t be right and I have never had a physical fight with a woman I dated. She was trying to turn our relationship into some real messy shit. I wanted no parts of it.

When I let her go, I told her she had to go. She asked me to bring her home, because she spent all of her money on a cab to my mom’s house. My mother lives FAR away from her and she took a cab. That was stupid. She should have thought about how her ass was getting home. I went to the kitchen for a drink and she kept talking and following me. I told her I wasn’t bring her anywhere, because I didn’t bring her there. My mother overheard the conversation and told me I should bring her home. She thought it was too late for her to take the train. Not. my. problem.

I ended up taking her home. Yes, I know. But, I said fuck it. Let me end the mess and take her home. I was hoping she would back off the phone thing, so I could get my shit in order. I drove her home and gave her the phone. I didn’t even want her to have a reason to call me. When I gave it to her, she gave it back to me and said I could keep it. I’m like “WHAT THE HELL!” She did all of that and then insisted I keep the phone! Whatever, I needed those numbers and figured I can’t really dodge her anyway. She had my house number and knew where I lived and where my mother lived. If she wanted to get in contact with me — she could. So, I might as well take the phone and carry on.

About a week later I had the club party. Yall know she came right? I made her pay too. Her and her people paid $20 to get in. I wasn’t at the door, but I would have made her pay any damn way. She was glaring @ me when I talked to other women. She came over to me and asked me to dance. I didn’t dance. I didn’t do anything. She played me really close when I was talking to certain women. I guess the ones she thought were a possibility. I danced with my friend who I was having the party with during the party. She is a really good friend — you could say “bestie.” Ugh@ that word. My friend didn’t talk to her at the party. We were all cool, but my friend was done with her too. They met through me, so my friend really had no ties to her anyway. My friend was happy we were broken up and wanted to rub her face in it. She never thought I should have taken her back. My friend was grinding on me and shit. She just wanted to make her mad. My friend and I were true friends —  never slept together and felt like family. But she knew my ex was a little jealous of our friendship. She really never had a reason to feel this way —   but she did anyway though. When I went outside later on that night, her and her friends decided to leave. She said “bye” and I said the same. As she was standing there in her little outfit. Some guy tried to talk to her and she declined. He started getting out of hand. I told him to back off. He said “is that your girl or something?” I said “no, but you are very disrespectful and she said she isn’t interested.” He cursed some “gay shit” to me and walked away.

She was hype and her friends were watching how this all played out. She said “if you don’t want me anymore, why did you stand up for me.” I said “because he didn’t know if you were my girl and he could have been disrespecting me. You could have been with me.”  She said “I can be with you, because I still want you.” I told her I was good.

When I spoke to my mom, she said “you know that girl really loved you right?” I said “Yea?” After I told her why we broke up. My mother was shocked. She agreed I did the right thing and told me to leave her alone.  My mother saw her a few months later on the train and my mother said they didn’t speak. I don’t know if they saw each other.

But….wait…there’s more…


  1. What a crazy, childish girl! Man, I can’t imagine what more there could be to this story Crazies really are everywhere.
    What would she have done if you decided to fight her off? Oh, man, that could have gotten MESSY.


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