Frank Ocean…Junkie?

I know that wasn’t very nice to ask. I just want to know what is up with Frank and others thinking it is cool to be a junkie. When did that become cool? The video is okay — I guess. I saw “junkie type-shit” going on though. Plus, his first single was about taking cocaine.

What do you think of the video?

Recently {read:for quite some time} I notice more and more people being proud of doing drugs. I know drugs are as old as air. I just do not think it is cool. It is socially irresponsible. Yes, people get high. Yep, they get drunk too. When did it become so cool to share this info though? That is MY problem with drug use.

This really isn’t about Frank Ocean. I like Frank. This is about society. When I was growing up, people smoked weed and drank. That was it. I am not saying that was okay, but that was what the people were doing. These day people are so proud of frequent hard-core drug use. They are shouting it from the roof tops!

There was always a few people who did hardcore drugs. They were NOT the cool kids. They were a mess and I would love to see them now. I knew a girl who had already smoked crack, popped acid, sniffed coke, smoked weed and drank alcohol — all by the age of 15. I lived in a mostly white suburb for most of high school. Anyone who I knew that did hard drugs — lived in the “burbs.” n the city (Brooklyn), I didn’t know one person who did all of that.

I remember going to a party once in high school and I was offered acid. I was so insulted. I wanted to know what made them think I wanted to suck up little pieces of paper!? I didn’t even know what acid looked like — until I was offered a taste. I think that is what it looked like.

Again, this was in the suburbs of Long Island, NY. These days, all I hear about is the drugs people are doing. I don’t even live in the suburbs anymore. It is so damn irritating. Why are so many people singing about drug abuse? Why is everyone so proud of being high all.the.damn.time? The more people talk about it, the more it becomes the norm.

Again, it is socially irresponsible.

We are surrounded by junkies these days. Junkies were older crack heads. They were usually older or old. Now? These kids are talking about sniffing coke, taking all sorts of pills, drinking syrup and lacing their weed with everything under the sun. A world of new age junkies.

Do you watch television? Are you seeing what is going on in today’s society? I just went on my little cousin’s Facebook page and he seems to be a part of a group called: The Coke Boys. *sigh*

Do you see Lil Wayne? I am NOT a fan. I don’t care if he is supposed to be a good rapper. He isn’t good to  me. I do NOT like his content. He is a junkie. PERIOD. Future all-out-crack-head! The sad thing about it? He is super popular right now. Popular means a lot of assholes are following his reckless living. He has enough money for fancy rehab one day. These assholes? What do they have to look forward to? Not.a.DAMN.thing.

I have also recently heard of a rapper named Gun Play. Have you heard of him? Oh My Goodness, he is an all out dope-fiend. I heard a part of one of his songs and I had to turn it off. It didn’t call for any dancing.

This drug thing is not a black or white thing, it is a every body thing. I am almost ready for some censorship. Although I enjoy my free speech, I would rather not have to listen to them speak at all. I mean shut the hell up with it already.

Everyone should be allowed to smoke crack until their heart is content. Why can’t people be private? I do not want to tell people how to live their lives. But this is getting out of hand.

This post isn’t really about Frank Ocean. It was really just a reminder of things that are going all wrong.


  1. I think a lot of artists sing about drugs because they think it makes them different. Like they are pushing the envelope. And they get away with it because there is really no price to pay. Lil Wayne has been to jail because of his syrup use and it hasn’t affected his popularity one bit.

    As for drug use; it’s everywhere. And crack doesn’t have a thing on meth. You would think with the horrible publicity that crack and meth get that no one would try it, right? And yet there is never a shortage of crack-heads and meth addicts. I guess some people just want to escape reality so badly that they’ll take drugs no matter the possible outcomes.


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