I love this man…

It’s funny this video came out today. I was sitting and thinking about his accomplishments. I wondered if he cried at the thought of him actually becoming The President of the United States. I wondered if he cried when he actually won. I cried like a baby 4 years ago. I didn’t cry the other night though. I was probably too tired. I did get a little misty eyed.

I know we shouldn’t idolize and generally speaking — I don’t. BUT…this man has really…I can’t even put it in words…how proud I am — of Barack Obama. I mean proud, like he was a blood relative. I respect and admire our PRESIDENT on so many levels. I feel honored to have him represent me.

This (a black man becoming president — twice)  has never happened before and I am not sure when it will happen again. I have to enjoy it. My kids can grow up in a world where they can feel equal to all kids. This is a nice vision.

Mr. Obama was born for this role. His life was planned this way. No one knew it, but it was meant to happen. We needed this so bad. Our country needed this so bad. This is less about him and more about every one of us.

I started writing a post the other day about the election and I just saved it. This video sums up how I feel. This video made me cry. He made me think of life’s purpose. What are we here to do? How will I affect others in my life? Where will I be in 20 years? I know Barack didn’t think he would be where he is today.

Life…is…a crazy thing. We shouldn’t waste it. We don’t know what is in the cards for us. Who would have thought a man named Barack Obama would be the president? I never gave it much though until he came on the scene. Old white guys were all I ever saw, so I pretty much left the thought right there.

I have to live my life without regrets. This is what this video meant to me. You never know what you can achieve until you go for it. I know there were people who didn’t think he could do it. He did and is doing it for 4 more years. I wonder if he even thought he could do it 4 years ago?

The lesson of this election is this, when blacks, whites, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, straight, and gay Americans stick together we can do anything! This was a win for those of us who want to live in a country where skin color, gender, and sexual orientation will not determine our future. WE won this election together! ~ Michael Baisden

Click for the video.

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