I was watching the news yesterday in a waiting room. It was hard to hear because this man was talking so loud; I couldn’t get the details. The man was very vocal. I had to look to see who was going on and on.

In Nassau County (Long Island) another police officer was killed. It was only 5 days after another officer was killed on Long Island. They were having a press conference about the killing and this man in the waiting room was up in arms. No, he wasn’t saddened by the Police killing. He was mad at the whole press conference. Every time an officer spoke, he turned his own volume up. When the officer said he was a great man, he said: “Yea, I bet!!” When the officer said, “It is with a heavy heart…” The man said, “yea, fucking right! Heavy my ass!” When he said the killing occurred for no reason at all, he said: “there is a reason, he is a fucked up cop.” This man was really mad about all the sympathy, the press conference and the sad tone of it all. He made it clear that more cops should be killed. He felt when they kill black people, it is no big deal, but when just one of them dies —  someone should be sad. Well, I know one person who was not sad. He was downright pissed off!

I personally do not feel that way about cops though. I am not delighted when an officer is killed. There is no joy for me. I always think about their families — like I would anyone else.

That man in the waiting room had a valid point. When someone black is killed, it isn’t a big deal. But if ONE cop is killed, they are holding press conferences. I am not saying that cop wasn’t entitled to a press conference of his very own, but things just have to change. I so am tired of cops getting off the hook for the crimes they commit regularly.  They should be held accountable all.the.time. These cops are killing and raping people and nothing comes of it.

On the news yesterday they were talking about two rapist cops. Well, former cops now. 

Franklin Mata and Kenneth Moreno are scum. I mean disgusting nasty-ass scum. One night a few years ago they raped a woman. Well, one raped and another played lookout. The woman was a Fashion Executive who came home drunk after a night of fun. Well, these assholes “helped” her into her apartment. The woman was drunk in a cab and the cab driver called the police to get her out. So, these wonderful officers came to save the day. They were back and forth to the woman’s apartment 4 times; they were on surveillance videos. The last time, they stayed for an hour and wrote in their book, they were on a meal break. Mhmmm, chile. Lying rapist-ass cops. The woman said one of them raped her that night.

The woman woke up naked and the officer was having sex raping her on her bed. This guy is ugh! The woman said she woke up to being penetrated from behind. The cops claim a rape did not happen but did admit to spooning the half-naked woman and talking to her as well. This is a load of shit. She decided to wear a wire to confront the officer who admitted to wearing a condom.

The woman couldn’t remember all the details and she blacked out throughout the night. The officers beat the rape charge but were charged with official misconduct by the police department. They were sentenced to a year in jail. They are now appealing the decision and saying there was NO misconduct. Can you believe these 2 rapists? Apparently, they have cooked up an “absurd” argument to overturn their convictions on lesser charges.

The cops admit they were singing Bon Jovi songs, spooning the woman, counseling her on alcoholism and dozing off on the couch during the nocturnal visits— but argue in their appeal that the goofing off can’t be considered official misconduct because there was nothing official about it.

And, they argue, the charges should be dropped because they didn’t materially benefit from the shenanigans. “If a DA smokes a cigarette outside the courthouse while he’s on the clock, is he guilty of official misconduct?” asked Mata’s attorney, Edward Mandery.

“If it’s not related to your official duties, it’s not misconduct. Going to check up on a woman that is drunk is not part of their job, but it shouldn’t constitute a crime.”

But Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Hilary Hassler slammed Mandery’s argument as “absurd” in court papers.

Can you believe this appeal? This is NOT what taxpayer money should be used for at all. They should have to pay everyone to be apart of this foolery. The judge, jury, clerks, officers, janitors should all receive a check directly from these 2 assholes. This is a waste of time and money.

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  1. That’s crazy what those cops did to the lady. That’s really messed up. Not only to participate, but to watch that go down. That means that they have been doing that for a while. They just finally had someone come out and say something. That’s the real scary part.

    As far as police killing black folks, they’ve been doing that for years. It’s only getting worst. Black people are being killed everyday by police and getting off. This is why I keep stressing that it’s time for black folks to get it together. Black Americans are so disorganized it’s sad. This is just a American thing because other black people come into this country and handle business. I still don’t know what it’s going to take. Cops are killing black people, black people are being railroaded into the prison system, hoodrats have government immunity and the biggest black site is worldstar hip-hop hahaha. I don’t even know what to say anymore.


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