Naked Men

The Story:

A prominent Vienna museum has decided to cover the “intimate parts” of three butt naked male soccer players on big posters.

The museums received a lot of complaints about the advertisement for their “Naked Men” exhibition.They didn’t realize so many people would be really upset. So, they decided to put a red paper stripe to hide the genitalia on roughly 180 large posters in Vienna. But smaller posters with the same motif would not be touched.

Many said they wanted to or had to protect their children. Some had warned that if they didn’t cover it they would go there and do it themselves. Yes, someone actually did it too.

The museum had hoped that we made progress, since we are now in the 21st century.”

I like art just as much as the next guy. BUT, I would be pissed if these pictures were in my community. I know women have posed nude for years, but I really think this is different. The female body is beautiful. Period. They use their breasts to nurse and they carry babies in their wombs. The female body can be “seen” in more than one way. What can men do with their bodies? Yea, all they have is sex. So, doesn’t it just feel sexual to see a naked man?

What do you think?

Have a little “looksy” at the art in question.

Tell me what you think of the pictures too.

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  1. All this proves is that the world is still very prudish about such things and we’re all not as grown up or ‘evolved’ as we think we are, even in the 21st century. Now, if the pictures were of naked women, wouldn’t someone be bitching about women once again being objectified or otherwise exploited?



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