A female predator…

Marquita Adley

An interim girls’ high school basketball coach was arrested Tuesday in Pembrook Pines, Fla., after being accused of having sex with a young girl.

Marquita Adley was charged with three counts of sexual battery by a custodian on a victim under 18 years of age, officials said.

Adley, 25, coaches both a travel team and at West Broward High School. The alleged victim was a member of her travel team, and it is not known if she attends the school, reported the Sun-Sentinal.

Jim Darr, the school’s athletic director, told the newspaper that he was shocked and sorry to hear of the allegations. He added, “As a coach, she did a good job with the kids, she worked them hard, taught [them] as she should as a coach [and] she was developing the players that she had.”

Adley played basketball for five years at nearby Florida International University after starring as a three-time all-state player at a local high school.

There is a $5,000 bond for each count, according to FIU student media. The trial is still pending.


      1. We tend to think – and maybe believe – that women could never be predators like men can be so when one crops up, it’s like, “Whaaattt?” And I’m sure one of the first thoughts that pops into one’s head is, “Well, if she wanted pussy, there are plenty of grown women willing to give her some!”

        Maybe it was just easier for this woman to get it from a source that trusted her? I dunno, LB; I have a hard enough time getting my head around straight women most of the time and their attitudes about sex…


          1. I feel you. You get “used” to reading or watching the news and hearing about some dude being a pedophile – and ain’t it surprising how a lot of it happens and is sports-related? As a man, it makes me roll my eyes and shake my head; when it’s a woman, yeah, while you normally don’t expect this behavior, they are out there…


            1. This sports stuff is so disturbing. I am so happy Sandusky will rot in jail. I hope! The details of his story was above and beyond. He was a real predator…preying and buying those kids. I don’t think that man has ONE child of his own. He made a life out of what he was doing. He was buying them, adopting them, etc.


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