I finally met…

… Willis during Brooklyn Pride.

I went to the same place I went to last year. I was hanging out with my sister and my other sister’s girlfriend. My sister and I were on the dance floor and I was just scoping out the place. That is what I do at parties. I look. I basically like to see everyone that I can see. I am looking to see if anyone catches my eye. If someone does catch my eye, I know who I will talk to at some point. My sister wanted to dance. I danced a little, but not too much. I was doing a two-step or tiny bit more than a two-step. I was pretty much standing in the middle of the place and I glance over to see Willis. I have seen enough pictures to be able to recognize her in the real world. I saw her first, but I didn’t say anything. I looked @ her again and pretty much waited for her to notice me. Once she did, it was hilarious. She came over and we were laughing like old friends. We hugged and the vibe was like “we finally meet!” She introduced me to her lady friend and I introduced her to my sister.

She came over to me a few times during the evening and we talked and she danced in front of me for a “sec” too. It was cute and she was cute. It was cool to finally meet. She hit me up on FB the next day pretty much saying, it was nice to finally meet and I agreed.


  1. I wish I would have contacted you for pride…We wanted to go out in BK …but we didnt feel like getting lost so we just stayed on familiar grounds. Wait I dont remember what happend with Willis..im going to have to dig in your archives.


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