I pocket dialed…


I am so mad at myself. Although, I have pretty much been successful in NOT engaging, I fouled up! I broke up with this female over a year ago. On Friday, my daughter had a “stepping-up” at her school. I took the day off and hung out with the family. I had a nice time at the school and decided to go for pizza afterwords. My daughter had asked for pizza for two days and I told her we would get it after her ceremony. I wanted to try the Famous Grimaldi’s Pizza. This place is pretty famous and the line is always down the block. Although, I have always wanted to give it a try, I never wanted to stand on the line. They are pretty full of themselves. They do not take cards, they do not sell slices and they do not deliver. It is the funniest thing to be a pizza shop in NYC with those stipulations. I am not hating on their situation though, if they feel they are worth it, they should go for it. Go for it — they did! People are wrapped up in their whole “thing,” hook, line and sinker. Is that the right way to say that?

Anyway, the pizza was good. I had sausage, pepperoni and onions. My daughter didn’t like the sausage, so that meant for sausage for me. I really thought they were going to be so expensive. But they weren’t. A plain pie was $14, which is decent. As soon as we got inside and seated it started raining cats and dogs. I felt bad for the people in the line. A few of them came in soaking wet. The staff didn’t even bring them in out of the rain. Luckily the rain didn’t last too long.

Anyway, while out I received a call from a number that wasn’t familiar; The area code said it was from Texas. I answered. I am not hiding from anyone and with my business ideas/ventures I get weird calls these days. Weird meaning — unknown numbers. I said hello about three times and no one spoke. A few minutes later I received a text saying “I guess you couldn’t hear me. It’s ____. I was just doing my random and I hope you’re doing well.” It was something to that effect. I was like “this female is nuts.” And, it wasn’t that I couldn’t hear her. She DID NOT speak.

Well, on my way home I had my phone in my back pocket. My phone locks after a few seconds of inactivity. I took my phone out to check the time and I think I sat on it before it locked. I realized I called crazy. I hung up real quick; I don’t think it rang, but I am  not sure.

Later on that day, I went to the store with my daughter. Again, I checked the time and put it in my pocket. It did not lock again. All I hear is  my name being called. I was like “who is calling me.” I looked around and didn’t see anyone and just thought I was bugging. Then, I heard “Hello…Hello…my name here...Hello” It was my pocket! I called her again! My phone was off the hook for like 4 minutes and I did not know. She was listening to me for a while, before she said hello. I pocket dialed crazy! When I realized what was going on, I just hung the phone up. When I got home, I checked to see how long I was on the call and I was like “DAYUM!”  I was talking to my daughter and just in my own world the whole time.

I received a text a few minutes later “You just pocket dialed me…I guess. Was that (My daughter) in the background? If so, Wowwww!” I guess my daughter sounds older; I am not sure. I obviously did not respond. But, I am wondering, if she thinks I meant to call her. I don’t think she is stupid enough to think so though. I didn’t have her number in my phone, it was a new number and I deleted it so damn fast. I don’t even want there to be a possibility of another mistake!

I really don’t know what she is trying to achieve with the texts and now the calls. That situation was over for quite some time now. I am not used to this and I really don’t know of another way to handle it. I have ignored her for over a year, yet she still tries to contact me. It is so strange to me.


  1. ::pissed:: I just responded but hit a random button and everything got erased….anyway..like I said the first time..

    I think its funny how she pretended like there was a signal issue…If there was, why not hang up and call back a second time??? smh..Nowadays People are so scared to verbally communicate.

    If I was her… I would have textd you telling you who I was, why I was calling.. and ask if you would like to talk on the phone for a bit. If I didnt receive an answer, I would take that as a NO!

    She sounds like a damn stalker…sike…I would say change your number, but why should you have to run from mofo’s??? I think you did the right thing by not responding…I always say that if you entertain the shit that folks do, they will keep doing it..even if they are getting a negative reaction..it shows that you care in some way. If she changes her number again and calls…hang up on her ass the minute she states her name…Silence is the best pest control.


    1. It doesn’t sound that serious in my opinion. Certainly not stalking material. Just a lady playing a little game to see if your interested.

      I think if you just continue ignoring her she will go away


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