I met someone…

Um…yea..no…not so much!

I have been MIA lately from my wonderful blog. How have you guys been? Me? I have been good. Let me update you on what has been going on with me in a few posts.

I met a cute boi on the bus. I normally take a Dollar Van in the mornings, but my van was pulled over in what appeared to be a sting or something. It was kind of like a scene out of a movie. Here I am on my way to work (late) and three plain clothed officers jumped in front of the Dollar Van. They had on badges and everything. They just ran up to the driver’s window and told him to GET OUT. Before he had a chance to really comprehend what was going on, the officer stuck his hand in his van and turned off the ignition. I was thinking “damn, I wonder what he did?” In my mind, it couldn’t just be for driving an illegal Dollar Van. I really thought he had the feds after him or something. Once out of the van, I saw about 5 other vans that were seized and parked in the parking lot. The other officers were “hiding” in the parking lot. As soon as the vans approached they all just “attacked.” So, me and my nosey self decided to stick around for a while with another nosey older woman. We didn’t think they should have opened his door and removed his keys without giving him a chance. The officers really didn’t like what we had to say. Whatever. But, I now needed to get my ass to work. I could no longer get a van, because they were all warned by their friends, NOT to come my way.

I got on the bus but gave an elderly person my seat shortly after boarding. I moved to the back and saw a cute lesbian reading, so I sat down next to her, lol. Here is where I get a little corny. My sister called and we were talking and I am not sure how we came upon the subject of going out. Ohhh, I remember, I was reading my email and it was from a Lesbian Meetup Group. They were talking about the movies in the park event that would be happening all summer. So, I proceed to tell my sister about possibly going to the “LGBT” event. I could have just said “Movies in the park.” But, I said “LGBT”, so my neighbor could hear me. Yes, corny. But, I am just saying. Sometimes it is hard for people to tell if you are a lesbian, you know? Anyhow, I decided to chat her up. I asked what she was reading and we just started talking for the rest of the ride. I was thinking..”Okay, this is cool.”

We both got off @ the last stop and had to walk in the same direction. We were walking, talking and laughing. When we were close to her location, I asked her name and if I could have her number. She said yes and told me to call her so she could get my number too. Cool. I remember seeing her before, but I don’t remember where and I think I saw her with a woman. I didn’t ask if she had a girl, I probably should have, but I don’t like seeming thirsty, lol.

I actually saved her number and then called her by accident. I was going to send her a text, so she could save my number. I meant to call my sister, and she answered saying, “Hey, got your number.” Ok, cool.

She called me that night at about 10:30. I was already in bed and dead tired. I was like shoot, should I call her back, even though I am so sleepy? I missed her call, trying to find my phone initially. Then I had to think about making the call. I decided to call her back, why not, right? She is a lot shorter and slimmer, then I would normally notice. But…hey…why not, right? She didn’t answer when I called, so I left a message. She had a test that day and she was studying on the bus. So, I just left a really sweet message, asking about her test and hoping she passed.

The next day she text me and told me she called me by accident; -__-  She also thanked me for inquiring about her test and said she passed. We talked for a few texts. I was like “Dayum, she really just told me she called me by accident.” Although, it had been ONE day, I wasn’t interested anymore.

She called me again about a week later and I didn’t answer. She called again about 2 weeks after that call. I did not look @ my phone before I answered. I had my headset in listening to music and I just took the call. She asked for a name that wasn’t mine. I told her she had the wrong number; I didn’t realize it was her though. She asked for the person again and then I looked @ my phone. I realized it was her and said “Hey, it’s ____, I just realized it was you.” She was like “ohhhhh, I thought I was calling my niece.” Her niece has my name. I told her how I spelled my name and she should save it like that, so she wouldn’t mix us up. She said she would do so after we got off the phone. We talked for like a minute and told her I had to go, because I was on the Dollar Van and it was difficult to hear.

I didn’t call her back and she didn’t call again.


  1. damniiittt I wanna know more about what happend with the dollar vans..Im so nosey.. I would have been late to work just to see what was going on lmao…emptywayz..

    Thats a weird interaction…Like why …why take your number then act like she isnt interested in getting to know you….I think she definitely had a girl…probably just want to keep you in her “little black book” …just incase it doesnt work out with her girl she will have a few people to hit up. It’s going to be weird if you bump into her again on the bus…like what would ya’ll talk about???

    Anyway…I would appreciate if you would get the scoop on what went down with the dollar vans…ask the driver lls…


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