I am bored…

I feel like the last few times or so that I have been out — I’ve been bored. No, really! There were lots of people about and I was bored. I don’t go out often anymore, so when I do go out, I expect to have a good time. Nope, I have been feeling like I could have had more fun in my house. I felt like I could have eaten, played music, smoked crack, or whatever and had a better time.

Even when I went out for Brooklyn Pride — Bored. Yes, there was a decent amount of people, but nothing and no one really did anything for me. I like simple and I think I saw everything BUT simple. As you know, I like fems and what I like to call, non-fems too. I am drawn to the non-fems a lot more these days. I figured out why…because they are more simple — a simple beauty. The feminine girls who were out for Brooklyn Pride, were too much! Ugh!  I just want to go up to them and say SHUT UP! I know they didn’t “say” anything, but there whole being is just saying too much!

I realize being a feminine lesbian could mean being invisible. BUT, for crying out loud, stop the bullshit. The makeup is above and beyond what I would consider attractive. I feel like they want to be in a video somewhere behind Lady Gaga. It is like looking at a side-show freak. I guess if you live in the club, that might seem appropriate, seeing as how the clubs are all about putting on a front most of them time anyway, right? I saw so much animal print shit, I felt like I was @ the Bronx Zoo. I just have to wonder what kind of friends these people have. I immediatly look to see who they are with. If it is someone that appears to be a girlfriend, I assume they already love you so, you could wear anything and it wouldn’t be a problem. Or, they don’t want people talking to you anyway, so they are cool with the hideous foolery, because once you guys get home, all that shit is coming off anyway, right? If they are with their friends, I assume, their friend is single and doesn’t want you to get any numbers. So, she says “Girl, you look fierce! You are DEFINITELY going to find Ms. Right tuhnight!”  More like miss-cant-see-for-shit!

I mean, what else could be going on? Where is the honesty and stuff? Yesterday, I was going out and I asked my sister “Is this hat too much?” She glanced and said “Yes.” I took it off. She asked me if the shoes she picked in the store looked like “old woman shoes,” the other day. I said “Yes.” She put them back. Do people not do this? You shouldn’t even have to ask, someone should say “Hey, that looks crazy.”

Anyway, I am not sure how to not be bored. I went to another party on Brooklyn Pride and I could make a bed on the stage and go to sleep. It was a white girl party. The white bois were cool to look at. The fems were a major yawn. Although, some of the white bois were cute, they were trying too hard and I thought they were no where near simple. I did see some 3 way action going on though — that saved the night. These 3 girls were dancing and kissing on the dance floor. At first I thought one of the girls was just pushing up on the couple. Well, that was not the case. They were taking turns kissing and fondling and it was a decent little show. I thought one girl was going to get fingered the way the other fem was going up her dress. For all I know, she did, I wish I could see better. It was 2 fems and 1 boi. They were all grinding on each other. Hands were in baggy pants and up short skirts. I was like okay now! I know when they got “home” it was going down! Drunk sex all night long!

The thing is I am over clubs; that is why I rarely go to them anymore. I am looking forward to some of the upcoming summer events.

Am I the only one that thinks feminine women are doing too much?


  1. A lot of Fems..look like Trannys now adays… I guess I have the same standards as you (with the exception of being attracted to doms)..I like natural beauty…plain janes…not toooo plain though..I dont want a frumpy looking woman..I want her to take pride in her appearance……

    The fake lashes be killing me when I see the adhesive failing to do its job..go up to a girl and all you can look at is that tiny piece of the fake lash holding on for dear life. I dont like clumpy looking makeup either..like have on so much lipstick or gloss that it cakes up on the corner of their mouth…too much eye shadow or eyeshadow that does not compliment their outfit…or wearing so much make up that they have it on their nails, inside their nails, and on my damn shirt..

    A lot of fems are stuck up…even the non attractive ones. I dont understand why they have an attitude when I approach them wanting to dance…like rolling their eyes and everything…wtf…I understand a lot of people just go out to have a good time with friends…but if a stranger respectfully steps to them…why do they have to be all extra with the rejection…like “unhhhh ahhhhh no she didnt girl”…and then get her dom friend to block me from her…so dumb..now…..I dont even approach women anymore in the club..I’ll dance by myself or with my friends and if someone wants to dance with me..they can come up to me… I also hate when they send their friend over to tell me that they want to dance…is your friend going to call me up and tell me that you want to have sex too?

    Some fems want too fucking much..looking for someone to take care of them….but what about me? …and I hate when fems think that I have to prove myself worthy in order to be with them..betch puhlease (in my Chris Crocker Voice)..either you’re interested in getting to know me or you’re not…


  2. A number of us are putting together a good sex magazine. I wondered whether you might consider becoming a regular contributor?


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